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How We Can Be the Light to Hospital Staffing: Recapping Insight Global’s Time at Becker’s

Insight Global is back from the Becker’s Hospital Review 12th Annual Meeting held last week. Becker’s is the leading media and content provider to the hospital industry, producing podcasts, newsletters, webinars, conferences and studies that impact the healthcare industry.

We arrived at the meeting as one of the conference’s platinum sponsors. That means we were everywhere at Becker’s. On billboards. On signage all around Chicago. But most importantly, we were present on panels and all throughout the conference talking about how Insight Global Health (IGH) can impact real change in the healthcare industry, from staffing needs to culture to diversity.

This year’s annual meeting focused on the challenges and changes that face the healthcare industry. Recently, and over the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic especially, hospitals have faced higher turnover than usual, faulting operational processes, cybersecurity issues, talent changes, and even more. Sounds like a perfect spot for Insight Global to step in and lend a hand, right?

Hospitals should expect more from their staffing partners, which is why we showed up in droves to Becker’s this year to connect IGH with the leaders in the hospital industry.

We have the goal of impacting current and future clients and how they run their hospitals, from the culture of hospitals to the diversity in a hospital’s talent pool to how to strengthen hospitals’ talent pipelines.

Here are some things we did at the meeting to accomplish that goal.

Panels on Panels

“How to Fortify Your Talent Pipeline” with Jessica Calzaretta

Jessica Calzaretta, president of Insight Global Health, was part of a panel early in the conference about how corporate-level executives in healthcare can fortify their talent pipeline.

In this talk, Jessica touched on subjects hurting the hospital industry, such as:

  • Burnout
  • Employee turnover (both at the executive level and on the front line)
  • Work-life balance
  • Early retirements

But of course, she came strapped with solutions. These included focusing on diversity when hiring, making sure employees are being respected, and making sure leaders in the hospital are innovators. Also, with regards to fortifying the talent pipelines, Jessica talked about how companies should have a “development-first” mindset and really sell your hospital’s values and missions. You should be selling your hospital even more than the prospective employees should be selling themselves to you.

“Building a Talent Strategy for Tomorrow” with Korryn Williamson, Josh Seider, Matt Mendez & Lisa Gossett

This quartet of stars sat down with Scott Becker–the namesake and founder of the conference–for a workshop to talk about what building a talent strategy looks like for the future. Korryn, Josh, Matt and Lisa attacked this strategy from multiple angles:

  • Vision planning
  • Diversity and equality among patients and staff in hospitals
  • Culture
  • Focusing on retention among talent by making sure they are the center point–along with patients–to a hospital’s plan of care
  • Becoming a workplace of choice

Prior to the conference, Korryn, the leader of our DEIB consulting division, also talked to Andres Gonzalez, the chief diversity officer at Froedtert Health, about health equity, specifically about the “importance of inclusion, diversity, and anti-racism in healthcare.” You can listen to that here.

“How to Build a Connected Hospital” with Compass’ Steve Wasik and Matt Mendez

With the backbone of culture, Compass leaders Steve Wasik and Matt Mendez delivered a talk on how hospital leaders can build a better-connected hospital.

“To solve for burnout, turnover, and to improve the results that matter to us most,” Wasik said, “the change we need to create can’t happen around the work. It needs to happen in the work and with our connections to one another.”

Compass’ goal to inspire greatness in people extends to every industry, including hospitals. Naturally, hospitals are a place that make changes in other peoples’ lives, but that needs to extend to the workforce, too. “When we really understand WHY people are the way they are it becomes harder and harder to not like them,” Wasik said. “We develop empathy, care and support of one another”–just like hospital employees typically do with their patients.

Listen to a podcast version of Steve and Matt’s talk.

“The Power of Connection” with Bert Bean, Steve Wasik, Jess Calzaretta & Josh Seider

It wouldn’t be a conference with Insight Global without a moving talk from our CEO.

Featuring over 30 corporate-level executives from hospitals around the country, Bert Bean, Steve Wasik, Jessica Calzaretta and Josh Seider delivered a roundtable talking about the power of connection. We’re big on connection at Insight Global. Bert put on a show telling our story and connecting it to the vision of why we launched Insight Global Health.

“We took a room of complete strangers and bonded with them over their shared experiences,” Wasik, the VP of culture strategy, said. “The table I sat with talked through lows and highs in the most vulnerable state possible.”

“In a moment, we seemed to give them exactly what they had been missing as they navigated the pandemic: connection.”

Invite-Only Dinner & Happy Hour at the Hyatt

On top of panels, IG hosted over 30 clients at an invite-only dinner at RPM Steak in the city’s River North neighborhood.

“Overall, the event was classy, energetic, and professionally done,” Josh Seider, VP of strategy and development for IGH, said. “The food was wonderful, the cocktails were great, and I think all clients enjoyed themselves.”

IGH also hosted a happy hour at the Hyatt Regency bar Wednesday night for attendees of the annual meeting. We had over 100 guests come through over the two-hour open bar, allowing guests to mingle and connect with our account managers and recruiters.

“My favorite moment from the conference was our hosted happy hour as it reminded me how impactful having an in-person conversations with our clients is,” Amanda Keim, national director of IGH National Accounts, said. “We were truly able to engage and build with people who will now be our most pivotal clients for years to come.”

See You Next Year!

We were so happy to attend Becker’s. We were able to connect with so many people in the hospital industry, and we were also able to put Insight Global Health, Compass, and other services at the forefront of the conversation.

Insight Global was able to find multiple opportunities to Be the Light–our company purpose–for healthcare organizations in the realm of culture, DEIB, and managed services. “Post-conference, I have never been more convinced in our advanced services strategy,” Wasik said.

We look forward to attending again next year.

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