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Compass Drives Business Results by Examining Workplace Culture

Since its inception in 2020, Compass, Insight Global’s culture and leadership division, has helped individuals and teams across hundreds of organizations build connection, enhance workplace culture, and drive better business as a result.

Born out of Insight Global’s own efforts in 2018 to clarify our purpose, establish shared values, and create a new vision of what we wanted to build together, a Compass experience is designed to help staffers connect to each other, to the company’s purpose, and to the results needed to achieve success together. Essentially, it’s designed to help you navigate to your purpose-driven North Star.

Through interactive workshops and in-person team experiences, Compass has evolved into something we lead others to do, and it has introduced a proven, repeatable process for organizations to enable them to create lasting change.

“We started Compass because we have a powerful structure to create real and meaningful connection,” Steve Wasik, Compass’ vice president said. “But what we have learned is that in order to change our culture, you need to change your results.”

Driving Culture Change and Results

So how do you evaluate your company’s culture and leadership practices?

According to the Compass team, the most effective way to get started is by first looking at ourselves. “We need to honestly assess how we impact the culture around us,” Wasik said. “We not only have to look in the mirror, but we have to invite our team to be honest about what they see in our image as well.”

“Building a great culture is not just about investment into purpose and values, it’s about learning how to get the results we care about most in new and different ways.”

Compass’ catalogue of free virtual workshops like “Anatomy of a Connected Team” and “The Power of Positivity,” is often a starting point for leaders looking to create cultural change within their organization.

Once they’ve dipped their toe into culture-changing conversations with actionable takeaways, leaders can get their teams on the path to ignite real change with a customized Compass experience.

The Compass team working with a Penn Medicine’s Information Services team to co-author building a culture of shared accountability.

Compass Delivers Real-Life Solutions That Impact Business

Compass Development Leader Jill McFarland finds joy in leading Compass experiences. She says they show how the process can bring real-life solutions to common problems like client satisfaction, retention, onboarding experience, and more.

McFarland’s clients range from the largest athletic apparel brand to large agricultural companies, but she says they all share a common theme. “Everyone craves connection. People want to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.”

Clients leave Compass experiences with a clearer picture of what they want to accomplish together, and they have a step-by-step road map to get there.

Cici Kaunang, a Compass Development Leader, recently experienced this firsthand with a city government client.

“We helped the client identify and laser in on the key result this group is focusing on to drive and create change,” she said. “Then we co-created key measures of success and set accountability cadences to help guide the client through their journey.”

Kaunang has also found success in delivering customized training solutions to a healthcare client, using Compass’s Leadership Journey to facilitate eight dynamic in-person training sessions to 200 IT leaders within the organization.

“This client is all about taking its leaders from good to great and elevating this high performing organization to continue to deliver world class service,” she said. “We are honored to be a part of this leadership journey and are excited for even sessions in the future—and their impact!”

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Creating lasting cultural change doesn’t happen overnight, but Compass is here to help. Book a free Compass workshop to learn more, visit our website to explore other offerings, or contact a member of the team to start your journey.