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Insight Global is a leading semiconductor talent solutions company that fills hiring gaps across the board. From the engineers producing and troubleshooting in fabs to the IT support staff needed to help facilities run smoothly, we can help you grow your business in all areas.

Whatever you need in the semiconductor industry, Insight Global—one of the largest staffing firms in the United States—can help. We can support the entire lifecycle in the semicon space, from architecture to tape out.

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Hire Top Semiconductor Talent
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Tap Into Top Semiconductor Professionals

Whatever Semiconductor Role You Need, We’ve Got You


We staff semiconductor professionals on contracts of any length, and we’ll help you find the perfect candidate fit for your hiring needs.


As a semiconductor recruiting company, we’ll help you find professionals in the industry—and outside of it—who have the work ethic and culture fit for long-term and permanent positions.


From entry-level to C-suite, we help you find the skillset you’re looking for to build out your team. We’ll look all over—in our database and beyond—to find the right fit for you.

A Semiconductor Recruiting Company Trusted By Over 50,000 Consultants

What are the benefits of working with a semiconductor recruiting company to find top-tier talent? Here are a few ways Insight Global stands out:

  • You’ll have access to a vast network of thousands of pre-screened, qualified candidates
  • We’re a stable & reliable partner as one of the largest staffing companies in the United States
  • We can help you hire talent as few as two days
  • You pay nothing for our semiconductor recruiting services until your new hire starts

We can also build and manage teams through our Evergreen managed service, create a more diverse and equitable fab with our DEIB consulting, and improve the culture of your facilities with our Compass culture consulting.

Hire Semiconductor Experts
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Case Study: Insight Global Helps Large Semiconductor Client With DEIB Training For 3,000+ Employees

Our client wanted to address and expand opportunities to increase representation within their facilities.

They wanted to lead the industry, not follow it.

Learn How We:

  • Established the relationship with our client
  • Day-by-day details of the training for high-level executives within the company
  • Feedback from people who went through our DEIB training
“I thought I was going to come in here and have Insight Global try to change my mind when in reality, they just opened my mind.” - Edwards employee

Why Insight Global


Fortune 1000 Clients


Hires placed each year


Years in the staffing industry


Countries to Source Talent From


We’re a staffing agency and recruiting agency that approaches every opportunity with care and determination. We focus on understanding our clients’ business, goals and needs so that we can consistently present highly qualified candidates and smart solutions.


How does a semiconductor recruiting agency work?

For individual staffing needs, Insight Global connects qualified semiconductor talent with companies that require their talents.

First, our recruiting team gets an understanding of your ideal candidate. Then, once we source past consultants or vet new candidates, we match them with open positions at your company. Insight Global also offers support throughout the interview and hiring process, ensuring that both the candidate and the company are a good fit for each other.

We also offer varying services beyond staffing to include:

What kinds of semiconductor jobs do you hire?

Insight Global can help fill any position within the semiconductor industry. Some of the roles we have the most experience with include:

  • Field service engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Electrical/mechanical technicians
  • Python/C++ developers
  • DevOps
  • Project managers
  • Any role related to IT (we’re the second-largest IT staffing firm in the U.S.)

We also have a breadth of experience across dozens of industries, including administrative, construction, automotive, manufacturing, government, engineering, and more. View all of the industries we service.

How is Insight Global helping address the talent shortage in semiconductors?

We’re helping by facilitating upskilling, cross skilling, and apprenticeships in the semiconductor industry.

Where is Insight Global located?

Insight Global is an award-winning staffing company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. We have 70+ offices located throughout the United StatesCanada, and United Kingdom and are more than able to meet your staffing or consulting needs, in person or remote. View our office locations.

Do you staff remote/work from home jobs?

Yes! We offer contract, contract to permanent, and direct placement talent solutions for in-person, hybrid, or remote positions. Whether you’re a job seeker or hiring manager, we’re ready to help.

How quickly can you staff my open position?

Depending on interview availability and decision-making, we typically identify and screen candidates within 24-48 hours. Onboarding for consultant assignments takes as little as 1-3 days, but the typical timeframe for interviews, onboarding, and in the door working is 1-3 weeks.

*This can vary by industry and how unique of a skillset a company is looking for.

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Why We’re Your Partner for Success

When you partner with us, you don’t just “work with a temp company.” You connect with a team of real people who are here to help guide you through your good days and bad. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you matter to us and we have your back.

Office Locations

Insight Global is an award-winning staffing company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. With 70+ offices spread across over 35 U.S. states, the District of Columbia Canada, and United Kingdom, we are more than able to meet your staffing and consulting needs, in person or remote.