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We Are IT Staffing Experts

We are the second largest IT staffing company in the United States, filling more than 25,000 IT roles in 2022. Our goal is to help hiring managers fill positions quickly and efficiently with the top IT talent for the job. Whether you need contract or full-time roles, we have thousands of recruiters who can help create your job description, search our vast database for the right person, and then vet and screen candidates. And you don’t pay us until you hire.

Since 2001, we’ve filled hundreds of thousands of IT positions with our robust IT staffing team. With Insight Global, you’re connected with the highest-quality candidates—even those who might not be currently looking. We connect with IT industry leaders across the U.S. to find the right candidates for your staffing needs.

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Hire Top IT Talent
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We Staff IT Roles Across Any Industry

Our IT staffing agency has over 23 years of experience. You name it, we’ve staffed it before—and we’d love to find great people for you too.

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Whatever Type Of IT Role You Need, We’ve Got You


We staff IT professionals on a short-term contracts, and we’ll help you find the perfect candidate fit for your hiring needs.


As an IT staffing company, we’ll help you find IT professionals who have the work ethic & culture fit for long-term to permanent positions. 


Need IT staffing for permanent positions? From entry level to C-suite, we’ll help you find the skillset for your team.

An IT Staffing Company Trusted By More Than 50,000 Consultants

What are the benefits of working with an IT staffing company? Here are a few ways Insight Global stands out:

  • You’ll have access to a vast network of thousands of pre-screened, qualified candidates
  • We’re a stable & reliable partner as the second-largest IT staffing company in the United States
  • We can help you hire IT talent as few as two days
  • You pay nothing until your new hire starts
Hire Top IT Talent
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How To Find The Best Employees For Your Business: Insight Global’s Complete Guide

We know how tough finding the right IT employees can be—we’ve been doing exactly that for our clients for companies for more than 20 years! And it’s how we’ve grown to be the second-largest IT staffing firm in America.

To give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a free complete guide to how to find the best employees, whether you’re a Fortune 1000 company or a small business looking for your first employee. Here is what you’ll learn:

  • When to hire a temporary vs. permanent worker
  • How to write job descriptions and requisitions
  • How and where to advertise your job openings
  • What a staffing agency is and why you should work with one
  • Using LinkedIn for your recruiting efforts
  • How to build an employee referral program

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You’ll get instant access to the complete guide to finding the best employees.

Why Insight Global


Fortune 1000 Clients


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Countries to Source Talent From

Solutions That Go Beyond IT Staffing

We’re a staffing agency and recruiting agency that approaches every opportunity with care and determination. We focus on understanding our clients’ business, goals and needs so that we can consistently present highly qualified candidates and smart solutions.


How does an IT staffing company work?

Insight Global connects qualified IT professionals with companies that require their talents. Once we connect with a hiring manager on their needs for a role, our IT staffing team reaches out to the potential hire and gets an idea of their skills, experience, and goals. Once we understand their qualifications, we match them with open positions at your company. Insight Global also offers support throughout the interview and hiring process, ensuring that both the IT company and candidate are a good fit for each other.

What are the benefits of working with Insight Global?

Insight Global is a leading staffing agency that puts people first. When you work with us, you work with IT recruiting and IT staffing professionals who truly care about you. We have the resources and connections to help you hire top talent or land a new job without breaking a sweat. We’ve filled hundreds of thousands of IT positions in our 20-plus years in business. We know IT staffing.

How quickly can you staff my open IT position?

Depending on interview availability and decision-making, we typically identify and screen candidates in 24-48 hours. Onboarding for consultant assignments takes as little as one to three days, but the typical timeframe for interviews, onboarding, and in the door working is one to three weeks.

Where is Insight Global located?

Insight Global is an award-winning staffing company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Our offices are located throughout the United StatesCanada, and United Kingdom. No matter your staffing needs, our local and digital offices are ready to help.

Do you staff remote/work from home jobs? Other jobs/industries/sectors?

Yes! We offer contract, contract to permanent, and direct placement talent solutions for in-person, hybrid, or remote positions. Whether you’re a job seeker or hiring manager, we’re ready to help.

In addition to IT staffing, we recruit and place candidates across a broad range of sectors/industries: financial services, legal, healthcare, engineering, life sciences, government, creative, construction, hospitality, education, energy, customer service, human resources, insurance, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, media/entertainment, and more.

Can you help a candidate get set up to work remotely?

Absolutely! Whether a candidate needs help connecting to your company’s virtual private network, getting access to their new devices, or understanding your company’s remote work policies, the team at our IT staffing agency is more than happy to assist.

Is Insight Global Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited?

IT Staffing Resource Center

Overwhelmed by IT staffing? Look no further than our resource center. In it, you’ll find articles for information technology hiring managers—like you—to help with determining whether to use contractors or permanent employees, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding. If you’re still struggling to find the right candidates after reading a few articles, contact our IT staffing agency.

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Why We’re Your Partner for Success

When you partner with us, you don’t just “work with a temp company.” You connect with a team of real people who are here to help guide you through your good days and bad. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you matter to us and we have your back.

Office Locations

Insight Global is an award-winning staffing company headquartered in Atlanta, GA. With 70+ offices spread across over 35 U.S. states, the District of ColumbiaCanada, and United Kingdom, we are more than able to meet your staffing and consulting needs, in person or remote.