6 Top Benefits & Perks IT Candidates Look For

An IT employee is working remotely from home, one of the top benefits and perks IT candidates look for in a job.

The tech industry has been hit hard with volatility over the last year. Despite this, there are still hundreds of thousands of job openings in Information Technology (IT) roles. Even though some larger companies have reduced headcount, small- and medium-sized business are hiring talent, and many other large companies are still looking for quality IT candidates.

As the second-largest IT staffing firm in the United States, we have thousands of recruiters who screen, interview, and source candidates for IT roles. We asked some of our top-performing recruiters what benefits and perks IT candidates are looking for in the current job market. Here are six of the most common benefits and perks our recruiters see candidates prioritizing:

Remote/Work-From-Home Options

“For most IT candidates (unless it’s someone that needs to be in person doing on-site desktop support work), their mindset is that the work that they do is so heads-down that there isn’t much of a need to be in office unless there is an important team meeting. By allowing this, it opens up a lot more flexibility for candidates, especially if they have a family or other obligations.” – Katherine Gilson, Professional Recruiter, Seattle

“Now more than ever, people want flexibility. A lot of jobs can be done remotely. Especially after proving themselves capable, IT employees want the benefit of from home or work a hybrid schedule. I think when people are given flexibility, they end up working harder.” – Bianca Pick, Professional Recruiter, Miami

Remote work is a huge point for candidates recently, especially since a lot of companies want to return to office one to three days a week. A lot of candidates have relocated to be with family, have adapted to remote and have kids, or are taking care of family members who are ill.”- Kori Beck, Professional Recruiter, Ft. Lauderdale

Job Security/Opportunity to Convert

“Candidates are looking for a role that they can be at long term. Even consultants that are comfortable with contract work, people do not want to be jumping from contract to contract every three or six months. Contractors want stability and plant feet in a project for at least one year or more.” – Pick

“I think job security is super important to candidates right now. Candidates are asking us recruiters, ‘How long is the duration of the contract? What is my likelihood to convert? Is the company winning more business? What’s the duration of the contract with their customer?’ People have bills to pay, families to provide for, and people that are counting on them. Having this assurance is a top priority to many people.” – Kaki Ayers, Professional Recruiter, Seattle

Better Pay Is A Crucial IT Benefit

“A common thread with candidates is they are not being valued at their current organization, and the company doesn’t understand the worth they bring to the table. Most of the time, they say their skillsets and qualifications are being discredited.” – Beck

“It validates their skill set, especially if they want to follow an upward trajectory in their career. The pay also provides lifestyle security, family security, and then just confidence that you’re getting paid for the skills that you’ve developed over the years and that you feel like you’re getting continually better at.” – Ayers

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Exposure to Innovative Technologies

“People in the IT world are constantly trying to build upon their craft with the newest technologies. Companies that are working on innovative and exciting projects tend to be more attractive to candidates. If a company has archaic technology, it tends to be much harder to sell them on the company.” – Gilson

Investments in Training/Career Growth

“A lot of candidates want to feel that the company is in it for the long haul with them. This means investing in their learning and development, whether that’s through certifications, long-term plans for promotions, career advancement, and more.” – Gilson

“Often people (even at senior level) are looking for growth, whether that be monetary or professionally. It is rare that someone is content with staying at the same rate, or even staying at a role where they work with their one skill set. Most people want to grow and learn new skills to add to their resumes.” – Pick

“Many candidates feel that at their current position, the managers won’t promote them, and that turns off the employee from working there. They don’t see a future there, don’t feel they are doing their best job, and it hurts their confidence.” – Beck

Good Team Culture Is A Must

“From what I see with candidates I speak to on a daily basis, a lot of them care a lot about being part of a good team. They want a great ’culture fit.’ Candidates looking for new jobs right now often come from toxic environments—teams that are not collaborative, do not share similar interests, work completely different, and just hurt the candidate’s overall experience with work.” – Beck

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