5 Strategic Benefits of an Onsite Staffing Agency

In the years following the global pandemic, there have been major changes in the job market, hiring landscape, and role of hiring managers.

Nearly four in 10 American workers have changed jobs in pursuit of better pay and growth opportunities, according to a Marist poll. These increased hiring and onboarding efforts have resulted in nearly all (98 percent) of polled HR professionals reporting burnout at their jobs within the past 6 months. A similar number felt “emotionally fatigued” at work.

Companies need major, long-lasting solutions to adequately staff their workplaces while offering supportive solutions to HR teams.

In many cases, onsite staffing agencies can be a good fit.

Working hand-in-hand with HR and upper management teams, onsite staffing agencies are helping more organizations meet their hiring quotas while freeing up bandwidth for HR professionals to focus on other initiatives.

Let’s look at the top benefits that make onsite staffing programs so impactful for organizations in 2023 and beyond.

Why Do Organizations Need Onsite Staffing Agencies?

Hiring trends and technology have evolved rapidly in the past decades. Online job portals and applicant tracking systems (ATS) have replaced the need for paper resumes. Video interviews and online assessments replace the need for onsite tests and interviews. DEIB initiatives and skills-based hiring are opening the door for more diverse candidate pools. And hybrid work and AI technology are transforming the tools candidates and workers use.

All of these changes have kept HR professionals on their toes, constantly needing to adapt their hiring practices and staffing programs to keep up.

These challenges have compounded into a landscape that is hard for most HR teams to keep up with (understandably so).

Onsite staffing agencies can address these issues by acting as an extension of your HR team. Onsite staffing programs take on the burdensome aspects of hiring—such as sourcing, prescreening, timekeeping, and onboarding candidates—therefore freeing up time and energy for HR professionals.

Good agencies can take on the mechanical aspects of hiring, too, such as tracking KPIs and metrics, as well as the operational and cultural aspects, including workforce management, employee reviews, and conflict management. When HR teams work in conjunction with onsite staffing agencies, they can adequately address team burnout while still meeting their hiring needs.

Header: Strategic Benefits of Working with an Onsite Staffing Agency Copy below header: 1. Better efficiency and cost optimization 2. Get a pulse of a company's larger workforce strategy 3. Can streamline performance monitoring 4. Scale quickly and easily 5. Investment in the people (consultants and the company's employees)

Benefits of Hiring with an Onsite Staffing Agency

The benefits of hiring an onsite staffing agency are broad, depending on their scope of responsibility and the industry they’re hiring for.

Below are the five of the clearest benefits of working with an onsite staffing agency.

1. Higher Efficiency and Cost Optimization

Onsite staffing agencies employ staffing and payroll experts who can get new employees onboarded quickly and scale efficiently, helping to reduce hiring and in-house HR costs. As workforces fluctuate, organizations can adjust the amount of support they need from the staffing agency without having to burden in-house HR staff.

Onsite staffing agencies, like Insight Global, have a pool of pre-screened candidates and industry knowledge that can help them expedite the hiring process and fill positions quickly with top candidates. Going through a staffing agency also reduces the need to bring on multiple hiring solutions.

Staffing agencies can take on all aspects of hiring, onboarding, and training new candidates without needing to rely on multiple vendors, which streamlines the entire process. They can also totally take over and revamp your recruitment process.

2. They Can Become Part of a Larger Workforce Strategy

Similarly, onsite staffing agencies can become part of a larger, more holistic workforce strategy. With a team of staffing professionals onsite, organizations can take advantage of the full spectrum of services they offer. Once they’re on site, they’ll gain a pulse on your business needs—and they’re there to execute as opportunities arise.

In addition to conducting prescreening interviews and orientations, staffing agencies can use their skills to be part of larger business initiatives. Some of these ways include:

  • Helping reduce turnover by being on site to resolve issues between managers and consultants.
  • Introducing DEIB training and talent solutions that align with company goals.
  • Provide strategies to improve connection and culture across divisions.
  • Specialized staffing agencies can help hire in niche industries or for emerging roles that may be difficult to hire for but necessary for the organization’s long-term growth and success.

3. Staffing Agencies Streamline Performance Monitoring

As we mentioned earlier, onsite staffing agencies like Insight Global can offer improved recruiting process services. Organizations like yours know the benefits of tracking hiring performance metrics (KPIs), especially as you scale, and experienced staffing agencies can identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Onsite staffing agencies often offer reporting solutions that can be tailored or customized to fit an organization’s focus/goals with regards to hiring metrics. By having experts at the helm of collecting this information, organizations can expand their performance monitoring and measure benchmarks related to:

  • Candidate experience
  • Turnover
  • Time to hire
  • Attendance rates
  • Overtime hours
  • Retention ratios
  • The effectiveness of new initiatives

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4. Scale Quickly and Easily

Onsite staffing agencies can benefit organizations at any stage of growth, but they are especially necessary as companies want to scale quickly. Are you preparing for a new product launch? Did your sales team close on a new, large customer? Have your HR teams been given the “green light” to hire after a long hiring freeze?

One of the greatest advantages of onsite staffing programs is the ability to scale at a moment’s notice. Instead of putting greater demands on in-house HR staff, organizations can outsource the heavy lifting to the agency, which can quickly source, interview, screen, test, and onboard the employees as the company grows.

When hiring needs to wind down, the agency can adjust its efforts accordingly with little impact on HR. Additionally, staffing agencies have access to a host of temporary, contract, and temp-to-hire candidates that can help businesses meet fluctuating staffing demands quickly.

5. Investing in the People

Most of staffing agency’s typical hires work on site at a company. The staffing agency—its account managers and recruiters—is responsible for check-ins, making sure both the new worker and the manager are happy and on the same page.

People are the core of a relationship between a staffing agency and an organization. When all parties are on site, true connection comes quicker and smoother. If there are any concerns from either side, account managers at a staffing agency can address issues, help come up with solutions, and be a good liaison between the partnership.

Onsite Staffing Agencies Are Your Customized Workforce Solution

Hiring can be stressful—we do it for a living! But that’s why we know that onsite staffing agencies can be a great solution to a business’s hiring needs. We’ve seen in work first-hand—over, and over, and over.

Discover how Insight Global—one the largest staffing companies in the United States—can offer customized, onsite solutions to fit your unique staffing needs.

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