Consumer Alerts

consumer alert

Date Posted: June 10, 2022

We have become aware that certain persons not affiliated with Insight Global have recently attempted to pose as Insight Global employees in an attempt to defraud candidates from funds.  In at least one instance, they have provided a fraudulent check to a candidate, encouraged that candidate to deposit the check by mobile deposit, then instructed the candidate to use a portion of the funds to purchase fake equipment or services by payment to a fictitious vendor presumably associated with the fraudster, all before the fraudulent check clears.  These persons are in no way associated with Insight Global.  If you are ever uncertain of whether you are dealing with an authorized Insight Global representative, please reach out to our corporate office or any other Insight Global account manager or recruiter known to you for confirmation.  If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, we encourage you to contact local law enforcement.

Date Posted: December 20, 2021

Earlier this month, a critical vulnerability was identified in Apache Log4j that could be easily exploited by threat actors. Insight Global took immediate action to update our servers and we are no longer using a vulnerable version of the Log4j code. We investigated our internal systems and have determined that no data, services, or systems were compromised.

At this time, we are communicating with Insight Global partners and vendors to ensure that they are aware of this threat and have taken steps to patch this vulnerability.

For more information, please review announcements and guidance regarding “CVE-2021-44228”.

Date Posted: October 6, 2021

Insight Global has received multiple reports of a scam taking place from a domain that is attempting to impersonate Insight Global, “[email protected]” The users of such domain are taking advantage of the fact that most users will not recognize that Insight is misspelled, as a lower case “L” and a upper case “I” in most fonts are indistinguishable, especially within an email address. The domain is impersonating Insight Global recruiters requesting personal information and money from potential job seekers for training devices. These scammers are in no way associated with Insight Global. Insight Global does not request money from potential job seeks nor do we send emails via While Insight Global has notified the applicable domain registrar of these activities, we recommend that anyone in receipt of such communication not respond and contact Insight Global directly via one of the methods described at