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Born from a Cultural Shift

The mission of our culture consulting team is to help others create a culture that fuels growth and propels business. We offer free virtual workshops and a variety of paid workshops and in-person experiences to foster such a culture in our clients’ organizations.

We believe in putting your people first, the power of shared values, and setting forth a vision your entire organization can get behind. We believe great culture can change the world and help us live more fulfilled lives. We believe this because we’ve experienced it ourselves. Born from our very own cultural transformation, Compass is the culture consulting arm of our company.

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Culture Consulting

Join a free virtual workshop

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    How to Compass

    This workshop will give you the tools, structure, and confidence to build an impactful Compass for your team. Learn the Compass framework and how the Culture Habits will help you turn Compass from an event into a year long process that gets results.

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    How to Build a Thriving Culture

    Our favorite workshop to lead and facilitate! We are so proud of the impact How to Build Thriving Culture has been able to create. Join us for an interactive 90-minute workshop and learn four habits that will transform the culture of your team.

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    Lead Yourself First

    How can you give to others, what you have not given to yourself? In order to lead others with energy, passion, and care, you need to lead yourself first. In this interactive workshop we will challenge our way of thinking about leadership, put a focus on you as a leader, and help you identify and pursue areas of personal growth.

  • Connected Team

    Anatomy of a Connected Team

    Becoming an elite team starts with tapping into the crucial concept of connection. In this workshop, our culture consultants present the critical steps leaders can take to build a connected and high-performing team.

  • Building Trust

    Building Trust

    Creating a culture that encourages connection enhances people’s willingness to build or repair trust in relationships. In this workshop, we discuss the five elements of trust, help teams repair breakdowns, and home in on problem areas so we can build a solid foundation of trust.

  • Elevating Performance

    Elevating Team Performance

    There are good teams and there are elite teams. This culture consulting workshop spells out a playbook to help teams assess where they are and understand where they need to be to maximize their team dynamic and achieve even better results.

  • Power of Positivity

    The Power of Positivity

    A major difference between good and elite teams is their mindset. In this workshop, our culture consulting team teaches why positivity is imperative and gives teams a practical guide they can use daily to cultivate positivity and channel that back into the work they do.

  • Top Talent

    Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

    The final and perhaps most important element of building an elite team is being able to attract and retain your best talent. In the era we are living in, this isn’t just the job of the leader. This culture workshop helps your whole team understand the role they play.