Insight Global Elevates Culture Consulting Expertise with Launch of Culture Academy and Tailored Workshops

Article courtesy of PR Newswire

Insight Global, a national leader in the staffing services industry, announced today the launch of Compass Culture Academy, an offering born from the company’s culture consulting arm, Compass. This new offering was formed to create connection, trust and productivity during unprecedented times for companies and organizations amidst the Great Resignation and War for Talent.

With toxic culture being 10.4 times more powerful than compensation in predicting a company’s attrition rate, Compass Culture Academy will serve as an immersive learning journey meant to equip leaders with the tools and skills necessary to solve employee retention problems and create meaningful culture change. The three-day workshop can host up to 15 leaders at an organization and is held at Insight Global’s headquarters in Atlanta. It focuses on helping organizations discover the art of human connection and why it is critical for driving business growth. Participants go through exercises that form the building blocks of company culture, including how to manage change and unite teams to drive peak performance.

“We know culture is the heart and soul of any company, and while the pandemic has magnified the breakdown in corporate culture, it is something that has long been a predictor of employee retention and productivity,” said Steve Wasik, Vice President of Culture and Strategy at Insight Global. “Our new Compass Culture Academy comes at a time when it is needed most. People are leaving their jobs at unprecedented rates, which is why we are thrilled to offer this invaluable opportunity that teaches how to retain the best talent and keep culture king during these challenging times.”

In a recent Forbes article on why culture matters to a business and its bottom line, Insight Global CEO Bert Bean said culture is “the connective tissue that binds us all together within a company”. Bean added, “If people value taking care of others and personal development, then you’ll have a growth mindset culture that’s focused on doing good internally and externally. They’ll overcome any obstacle together because they believe.”

Compass Culture Academy is divided into three learning phases to help organizations and leaders gain an enhanced perspective on workplace culture:

  • Before: Participants will receive a personalized orientation call to understand goals and unique challenges. A group call is also held to make introductions, cover pre-work, and set the stage for a transformative experience.
  • During: Participants will engage in a fully immersive three-day workshop, which includes guided experiential learning across topics that are critical to positively impact culture and performance, using live examples and real-world problems. Participants will translate learning into action with plans to impact their immediate team.
  • After: Participants will leave with an abundance of carefully curated tools, templates and resources. There will be six months of sharing and learning sessions to keep the community engaged and help overcome obstacles. A final reflection and learning call will take place, and participants will receive a Compass Culture Academy Certification.

In addition to Compass Culture Academy, Insight Global is laser focused on providing additional tools and resources to current and prospective clients to keep culture top of mind. The company recently launched several complementary workshops open to business leaders and executives. Highlights include:

  • Compass Culture Workshop: This interactive workshop is designed to help leaders build stronger, more defined culture and to help them take better care of their people in the wake of the pandemic. In this ongoing weekly workshop conducted via Zoom, participants learn strategies to navigate the world of virtual work, with a focus on creating stronger connections, building positive behaviors and creating opportunity for meaningful work.
  • Lead Yourself First: This workshop is designed to turn the focus back on leaders so they can bring their best version of themselves to their people every day. Every week via Zoom, leaders will learn the importance of having a relationship with themselves, building routines around personal development, and creating space to solve challenges.

“It is our sincere hope that people understand that culture isn’t just a trend or buzzword. All of our research and time spent curating these programs points to an innate need to help companies with the thing they are struggling with most: keeping people motivated, engaged and most importantly, fulfilled,” said Wasik. “Our work has proven successful with clients of all sizes, and we hope that others will take us up on these exciting opportunities to see just how powerful change can be, whether you’re virtual or in person.”

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