Insight Global’s Commitment to Inclusion, Social Justice, & Anti-Racism

An animated image of diverse individuals woven among each other.

Insight Global's Commitment to Inclusion, Social Justice, & Anti-Racism

Years ago, we established our company’s Shared Values, and everything we do at Insight Global must remain consistent with those values. Always Know Where You Stand. High Character & Hard Work Above All Else. Leadership is Here to Serve. We Take Care of Each Other. Everyone Matters. Our Shared Values demand that our company take a stand against racism, hatred, and bigotry in all its forms and affirmatively commit ourselves to be part of the solution.


We are not okay when other people are treated unfairly, discriminated against, or marginalized simply because of who they are. We will always speak up when we see such behavior and ensure our voice is one of respect and inclusion. We will always speak out against violence perpetrated against a person, a group, or a people because they share a common belief, heritage, ethnicity, or culture.


In both our words and deeds, we should promote understanding and dialogue that brings people together, knowing that racism, hatred, and bigotry is often rooted in a sense of “otherness.” We should use our platform to educate, train, and partner with our people and clients to bring them together around a shared commitment to inclusiveness, justice, and equal opportunity. Our goal is to promote a society where people of all backgrounds can acknowledge differences and share common values without fear. We will promote a culture of belonging, and our community will be a place for dialogue, respect, and empathy where our people are known to each other and celebrate, not just tolerate, each other’s differences.


These principles and beliefs should guide our decision making when confronting issues of social justice, both at an individual level and as a company.