The Glass Ceiling: How to Shatter It for Yourself and Others

What do you know about the glass ceiling? Have you ever heard of the glass cliff? In this blog post, learn the history behind these terms, the data that supports them, and what can be done to create equality in the workplace.

QUIZ: How Much Time Could You Save on Recruiting?

Ever wonder how much time you could save on recruiting? From writing job descriptions to screening resumes and interviewing people, it can take weeks to find the right candidate. Extended recruiting times come at a cost to the company’s bottom line. Use this four-question calculator to find how much time you could be saving on…

Build Connection in the Workplace: 7 Easy Tips to Succeed

You can't improve your company's culture without first connecting to colleagues and team members, connecting to your company's purpose, and connecting to your company's desired results. Learn more about the importance of a connected workplace, plus actionable tips to build connection in the workplace.