10 Jobs in Artificial Intelligence (AI) You Should Consider Hiring

It’s no secret the artificial intelligence (AI) sector is exploding with growth, consumer technology, and job opportunities.

The global AI market is poised to grow to nearly $2 trillion by 2030, growing twentyfold over the next decade and revolutionizing key industries like manufacturing, retail, government, healthcare, security, and more.

Not only will the AI job market itself grow, but even non-technical team members will need to learn how to work with AI tools. By 2025, an estimated 97 million people will work in AI with automation set to improve efficiency and productivity overall.

Technical skills like machine learning programming, prompt engineering, data analysis, and more will be critical for the technical roles in AI, but soft skills like problem-solving and critical thinking will also be important.

Even the most non-technical candidates can shine and grow their careers by becoming comfortable with AI technology.

If your company is diving into AI (or already have), here are 10 jobs you should consider having within your organization. (And if you’re a job seeker, these are great careers to get into!)

AI Ethicist

One of the most critical jobs in artificial intelligence is that of an AI ethicist.

Many concerns around AI focus on privacy, security, and ethics. For AI to truly integrate itself into society, AI ethicists will play an important role in the ethical aspect of AI development and implementation. AI ethicists bring diverse moral, social, and political perspectives to AI systems, preventing bias, discrimination, and inappropriate surveillance or privacy issues.

Average salary: $137,000 per year


  • Process mapping
  • Project management
  • Research

AI Consultant

An AI consultant is a high-level job title for any outside expertise in artificial intelligence. AI consultants can work with companies to enable AI automation, create new revenue streams, and prioritize business challenges that can be solved with AI. Typically, AI consultants will work closely with medium-sized to enterprise global organizations that are invested in innovative AI development and deployment.

Average salary: $83,130 per year


  • AI use cases for different industries
  • Deep understanding of AI implementation models
  • Client management

AI Trainer

An AI trainer is another specialized role that works to teach chatbot and AI tools how to think and interact. Essentially, these jobs are training AI to do its work. This involves curating and shaping data while providing intelligent recommendations to enhance AI systems. AI trainers can teach chatbots to respond more accurately to customer inquiries, data queries, and more.

Average salary: $55,895 per year


  • Conversational interfaces
  • Prompt engineering
  • Decision-making trees

Prompt Engineer

An AI prompt engineer is similar to an AI trainer in their understanding of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.

Prompt engineers craft clearly defined problem statements and structure text that can be interpreted by generative AI models. This is a highly influential role that has the power to influence large language models.

Average salary: up to $300,000


  • Natural language processing
  • Critical thinking skills

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AI Product Manager

Like other technical product managers, AI product managers focus on feature enhancements that use deep learning or machine learning to build business value. AI product managers often lead the development and launch of new products and support engineers with technical aspects, then identify the market need, validate hypotheses, and build customer value with AI tools.

Average salary: $103,178 per year


  • Cross-functional coordination
  • Project management

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are responsible for crafting the algorithms, data, and AI inputs that go into predictive models. They help design the software and support AI machines in identifying patterns in order to perform specific tasks. This is often a highly technical, skilled role that requires at least a bachelor’s degree and certifications in machine learning.

Average salary: $127,448 per year


  • Applied mathematics
  • Statistics and big data
  • Programming languages

Data Scientist

In a high-demand AI role, data scientists collect raw data, process it, and extract valuable insights for better business decision-making. Data scientists support the vast amount of data AI creates and utilizes while helping systems improve their decision-making capabilities.

They can support almost any type of organization in any industry; for example, a data scientist can work in healthcare to fine-tune AI applications in identifying cancerous tumors, or in manufacturing to create predictive analytics for production.

Average salary: $103,500 per year


  • Statistical analytics
  • Programming languages
  • Cloud-based platforms

Business Intelligence (BI) Developer

Similar to an AI data scientist, a business intelligence developer helps bridge the gap between raw data and consumer-friendly insights. BI developers have technical skills, but they also know how to turn complex information into easy-to-digest insights for product managers, executives, and even marketing teams.

For example, BI developers might perform SQL queries that turn vast data sets into a visual model of future sales.

Average salary: $101,661 per year


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Data-driven

AI Research Scientist

In a role that is on the cutting edge of AI innovation, AI research scientists stay at the forefront of new technologies and are responsible for implementing them in their organizations. They often lead the charge in developing techniques for different industries, and they support building AI applications into everyday life.

Average salary: $131,385 per year


  • Computer science or engineering
  • Business mindset and applications

Robotics Engineer

A robotics engineer is one of the most popular and exciting jobs in AI. Often responsible for the practical development of robotic applications enhanced with AI, a robotics engineer designs and builds prototypes for testing. Robotics engineers build machines that replicate human actions in automotive, manufacturing, or other industries. Also, they are responsible for debugging robotics programs and enhancing existing automated systems.

Average salary: $107,269 per year


  • Mechanical or electrical engineering
  • Computer science

Level Up Your AI Staff

For businesses looking to gain a competitive edge, AI development and implementation over the next several years is critical. From increasing productivity and efficiency to solidifying new revenue streams and markets, companies that invest in AI will see the benefits for years to come.

For hiring managers looking to level up their AI staff, explore roles like an AI ethicist, data scientist, prompt engineer, and more to see if they would contribute to your organization’s needs and mission. For more information on finding the best AI tech talent, speak with Insight Global’s staffing experts today.

All salaries compiled from ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.