Becca Landem Named Insight Global’s 2021 Gritty Person of the Year

Gritty Person of the Year

Hired by Kirby Steil himself, Senior PM for Managed Services Becca Landem was so deservingly named Insight Global’s 2021 Gritty Person of the Year to commemorate the way that grit lived through Kirby, and now lives through Becca.

“To be recognized specifically for his award and for the hard work that I’ve put in throughout my career and this past year is so meaningful,” Becca said.

Grit is the ability to persevere no matter the odds and the passion to serve others

A room with Becca is a room with no shortage of either. She has delivered on numerous accounts, not only for her team, but for thousands of consultants, families, and as of late, children near the southern border. She has created countless processes, organized, scheduled, and delivered on every project and has put her life on hold in many ways to be at the service of others.

The past year has been a challenge to Becca’s personal and professional growth, in which many cases, she had to quickly pivot and work with divisions across the entire business in order to execute on many urgent demands.  Pushed out of her comfort zone, faced with new issues, and being in spaces to come up with quick solutions provided opportunities for Becca to learn, grow, develop, and lean on her masterful and inherent sense of grit. Channeling her relationship with Kirby from years past, she worked diligently to stay committed to excellence, drive a sense of urgency across all of her projects, and remain productive to perform in challenging environments and situations.

“Through Becca’s service-based leadership, the foundation of grit has been laid for all our team to stand on and perform with the same gritty characteristics of courage and resilience that Becca leads by daily,” said Program Director for Managed Services Justin Harris.

For those ready to level-up in their career, Becca is passionate that if you show your best effort every day, close the loop on pending action items, be honest, and be yourself, you will be ready for that next step.

And surely, a little grit will go a long way.

What an honor it is to congratulate our Gritty Person of the Year, Becca Landem!

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