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As a leading recruiting and staffing agency serving Athens, GA, we help job seekers and hiring managers secure all types of positions — short-term contracts, long-term contracts, and permanent hires. While we pride ourselves on helping qualified candidates fill all types of positions, these are some of the industries where we go above and beyond.

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We’re a staffing agency and recruiting agency supporting Athens, GA businesses with care and determination. We focus on understanding our clients’ business, goals and needs so that we can consistently present highly qualified candidates and smart solutions.

Client Reviews

While our team partnership with IG is newer, we’ve had nothing but positive experiences. We’ve been able to operate very transparently as partners & feel supported by IG. The IG team has acted quickly when needed & has remained flexible for us as our needs change.

Bre G.

NIKE, Inc.
Insight Global is always in tune with my needs & works diligently to find the right candidates; not just a volume of candidates.

Shawn B.

Insight Global’s Team aided in making a seemingly impossible task possible. They provided valuable insights in the conception & architecture of how we might tackle this large hiring push – & through close partnership, data & patience, they pivoted, adapted & worked with us as our business needs changed in this evolving hiring ecosystem.

Tim S.

Macy’s Inc.
My contacts at Insight Global have been friendly, helpful & listen to our needs. They have been flexible & helpful when short timelines were provided them. The candidates provided were qualified & teachable.

Rayna W.

Kellogg Company
Insight Global has been great to work with- getting us qualified candidates SO quickly who have turned out to be perfect culture fits for our team. Some of these positions were ones that we tried to fill on our own for months, & Insight Global helped us fill them within a matter of days- under a week!

Cassie F.

Frontline Education

Why We’re Your Partner for Success

When you partner with us, you don’t just “work with a staffing company.” You connect with a team of real people who are here to help guide you through your good days and bad. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, you matter to us and we have your back.

Helping College Grads from Around Northeast Georgia

As a leading staffing agency and recruiting agency for Athens-Clarke County, we take great pride in helping college graduates from around the southeast–Athens, Atlanta, Macon, Augusta, Savannah, Greenville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and more–take their next step in life. Whether it’s helping you get a job, or finding where you fit at Insight Global, we’re passionate about helping our friends at the University of Georgia, Athens Technical College, Piedmont University, Augusta University College of Nursing, College of Athens, and the many other great colleges and universities in Georgia.

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