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Written by Eli Doster, Chief Talent Officer


We are a people first company, and our purpose is to grow our people personally, professionally, and financially so they can be the light for the world around them. Over the past 3½ years, IGU has trained thousands of employees and impacted countless lives, helping bring that purpose to reality.

But it wasn’t always this way – in 2017 our culture was broken. Our 8 core principals were just words on a wall, we lacked a purpose bigger than ourselves, and our own people were firing us, one after another. We had truly lost our way.

In one of our darkest hours, IGU became the light. IGU helped lead our company culture transformation, where we went from an attrition model of survival of the fittest, to a development model where everyone matters. That culture of development permeated past the walls of IGU and into every team and corner of the company. Because of IGU, we transformed into a development culture that’s woven into the fabric of how we operate.

This week, for the first time we are welcoming students to our new state-of-the-art campus housed at our new headquarters in Atlanta. More than 33,000 square feet of space built to serve our people. As we officially christen our new campus by welcoming in students, let’s remember that IGU is more than just a corporate university with an amazing campus. IGU is our culture, and it’s a symbol that represents the very spirit of our company.