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Empowering Women to Take the Lead

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Article previously appeared in an issue of Fortune Magazine.


The pandemic’s disproportionate impact on women in the workforce has set back much of the progress made on gender equality in corporate America. Still, as women left the labor force in record numbers over the last year, Insight Global, a staffing services company based in Atlanta, has been able to help its clients employ more than 21,000 women in contract and full-time roles on site and remotely since 2020.

Advancing women in the workforce is something that the leadership at Insight Global is dedicated to, not only for its clients but also across its own organization.

“As a company that is nearly 70% female, we want to empower our women to bring their perspective and whole self to the company every day, help solve tough problems, and guide others to meet their greatest potential,” says Insight Global’s president Jessica Calzaretta.

At Insight Global, women hold more than 60% of the leadership roles, and the company continually strives to do even better, which is why its Women Leadership Council (WLC) was formed in 2018. The WLC is charged with empowering, inspiring, and developing Insight Global’s current and future female leaders, as well as providing mentorship and networking opportunities for all.

Insight Global’s mission of empowering its employees is driven by a people-first culture rooted in trust and bound by a set of five shared values: Everyone matters. We take care of each other. Leadership is here to serve. High character and hard work above all else. Always know where you stand.

“We care about our people having everything they need to find a successful, purposeful, and fulfilling career,” says Insight Global’s CEO Bert Bean. “When we show this type of support, our people find the best versions of themselves. They, and our business grow as a result.”

To further support its women employees, Insight Global offers strong family-building initiatives, such as an extended parental leave policy. This program is designed specifically to provide individual and customized support, especially for expecting moms. Since its inception, this cohort of women has experienced one of the lowest turnover percentages of any group across the organization.

Insight Global’s work to support women extends to helping those in underserved global communities. This past year, the company made a $250,000 donation to Women for Women International to assist those affected by the crisis in Afghanistan. This donation gives women access to solar-powered cell phones as well as mental health and well-being support to better navigate the recent governmental regime change.

“Women are a true source of hope, leadership, and strength in our company, and their influence has transcended the walls of Insight Global,” says Bean. “We are proud of the impact they’ve had, and we will continue to ensure that women—and everyone—at Insight Global is empowered to do their very best to succeed.”

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