Jessica Calzaretta Talks Recession Fears, Leaning Into Workforce with Yahoo! Finance

Insight Global Health president Jessica Calzaretta talked with Yahoo! Finance about IG’s recession survey, which revealed nearly 80% of American workers worry about losing their jobs if there is another recession.

Labeled as The Great Apprehension, half workers say they would take a pay cut in order to keep their job, and about the same amount don’t believe their job is recession proof.

Calzaretta said that in times like these, when employees reasonably have a heightened level of fear and anxiety, employers should really lean into their workers.

“I think there is definitely founding here for employees to be really concerned about their safety and their security,” she said, citing recession fears, inflation, and other global issues. At Insight Global, “we would just encourage employers to really lean in here and to communicate early and often about their recession plans. Because if, in fact, a recession is coming, you’re going to want your people at their best.”

She also says it is up to employers to help employees feel more secure and safe. (Around 56% of workers say they aren’t financially prepared for a recession or don’t know to prepare for one.) Employers should provide “tools and resources .. about how to prepare for an economic downturn, how to practice cost savings measures, how to control the controllables.”

“That will only increase that feeling of safety and belonging.”

Check out the full interview with Yahoo! Finance below.

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