Insight Global Launches the Leadership Academy

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Insight Global recently announced the launch of its Leadership Academy, a school within Insight Global University (IGU) dedicated entirely to leadership development.

The vision of IGU’s Leadership Academy is to build the best leadership development program in the country,  training and inspiring a company full of strong future and current leaders in servant-based leadership. The program will be managed by Addison Kleiner, who will utilize her ten years of experience as a former Insight Global Sales Manager to further enhance the curriculum and offer firsthand knowledge of how to lead by example.  The Leadership Academy will systematically develop leadership within all levels of the company, differentiating true leadership from basic management.

“My goal with the Leadership Academy is to better prepare and train our employees  to be the best leaders they  can be. We’ll begin  doing this the moment each leadership class  walks through IGU’s doors.” –Addison Kleiner.

Over the course of the next year, the Leadership Academy team will focus on developing courses curated to best serve and support Insight Global’s future and current leadership, and help each enrollee push for and succeed in their selected leadership roles.

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