Dream Big with Insight Global New Orleans

Dream Big Wall

Insight Global’s New Orleans office got the surprise of the year this April when company executives flew in to personally unveil a bright, upbeat mural which will be displayed at 3445 Prytania St, New Orleans, LA 70115 through the end of the month.

“Seeing the mural unveiled took my breath away,” said Insight Global Account Manager, Kaitlin Kirby. “The mural was a reflection of all of our hard work, accomplishments, and dreams come to life in color. I never realized how much paint on a wall could mean to my team and me.”

The mural installation comes after months of hard work and grit shown by the New Orleans team, who officially opened their doors to a brand-new market last November during the ongoing pandemic.

Since opening, the New Orleans team has built a strong culture of Insight Global Recruiters and Account Managers, led by Sales Manager Devon Gorson, who are eager to serve the people of New Orleans and the greater area in need of staffing services and job opportunities.

The New Orleans office is currently specializing in sourcing top talent and staffing solutions for Government Services, Healthcare, IT, and Education & Research industries.

Additionally, the New Orleans office is hiring for their in-house team for those interested in a career in Recruiting or Sales.

“When I think about New Orleans, I think about a vibrant city full of culture, passion and grit.” – Devon Gorson, Insight Global Sales Manager

For Devon Gorson, “Dream Big” has a deeper meaning than words painted on a wall. “To me the ‘Dream Big’ message means ignoring all of the reasons why you can’t do something and believing if there’s a way you will find it,” she said. For Devon, that dream was always to make a bigger impact since she joined Insight Global as a Recruiter in 2015. Now, six years later, when Devon was given the opportunity to open a new office to serve an untapped market as a Selling Sales Manager, she knew this was her chance.

The mural’s message of “Dream Big” strikes a chord with the New Orleans team, many of which who have uprooted themself from other parts of the country to take a chance in a new market.

“The impact I want to have on our city is to change people’s lives professionally and personally,” said Insight Global Account Manager, Kaitlyn Kirby.

“‘Dream Big’ means you should never limit yourself,” said Jennilyn Krumpe, Insight Global Professional Recruiter. “Know that any goal is achievable if you put your mind to it, so allow yourself to shoot for those ‘impossible’ goals and dream big.”

As for what the future holds for Insight Global New Orleans, this team is passionate about impacting their city.

“When people think of Insight Global New Orleans, I want them to think of a team that humbly takes pride in what we do and a team that brings passion every single day. Together we will work together to help clients and individuals across the state build their teams & provide for their families, together we will Be the Light for each other and the community around us & together we will Dream Big and accomplish big!” – Devon Gorson.