11 of the Best Careers for INTJ Personality Types

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If you have a complex problem that needs a solid, innovative solution, call up an INTJ employee — aka “the Mastermind” of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

In the workplace, INTJs excel at developing and implementing solutions to analytical problems. They naturally can spot ways to improve complex systems and can be determined to implement their ideas for change. INTJ personalities are characterized by being independent, analytical, introverted, and have a tendency to be perfectionists – both in their work and personal lives. They most enjoy working independently and taking strategic steps to implement change.

Let’s look into 11 INTJ career matches that would best suit an INTJ personality type.

What is an INTJ Personality like?

INTJs are very independent individuals who do not need to be in the company of others for extended periods of time. They have a strong need for independence and autonomy in their work. INTJ personality types are rare, making up around only 2% of the population. INTJs tend to be analytical thinkers and have a strong need for privacy. Any jobs that combine these two are great INTJ jobs.

They also thrive on logic and accuracy; thus, they are natural problem solvers. INTJs enjoy working by themselves and can often become frustrated with other people’s lack of logic. They want to feel like they are in control of their own destiny and have the ability to make decisions without having to ask for permission. They want to know why they are doing a task or project.


INTJ-As are personality types that value introversion and more abstract thought. They can be less approachable but have high self-esteem. They tend to dismiss emotions and let their rationality take over, and they tend to only have a few close friends.


INFJ-Ts, on the other hand, are more likely to support others and accept ideas and thoughts from them. They tend to be more proactive and sensitive when it comes time for criticism and see things from multiple angles to find solutions that work best for everyone involved.

Best careers for INTJ personality types

There are many strengths that INTJs possess, which makes them perfect for certain career paths. They can be perfectionists with strengths and weaknesses in some situations. The best thing about their personality type is their “can do” attitude. They’re excellent problem solvers.

Here are 11 of the best INTJ careers for INTJ personality types:

1. Accountant

An accountant is a perfect match because of their natural ability to focus on details, analyze data, and stay organized. They often have strong quantitative skills and can be relied upon to deliver results.

2. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineering is an excellent INTJ career because it allows them to use their analytical and problem-solving skills while having the opportunity for personal creativity. INTJs can also enjoy working independently on projects with fewer supervision or management requirements.

3. Architect

Being an architect is a well-suited career path for an INTJ because they have the opportunity to use their problem-solving skills and focus on details all at once. In fact, the INTJ personality is often called the “Architect” personality.

Architects can thrive in this position because they can work independently of others most of the time – yet still be part of an overall team.

architect working on a computer


4. Chemist

A common career match for INTJ’s is chemistry because of its logical and analytical thinking skills. They thrive in this career field since they can focus on details, work independently, and have a creative outlet for developing solutions.

5. Civil Engineer

Becoming a civil engineer is a solid choice for an INTJ because they can use their strategic thinking to work on complex ideas in this career. It also allows them to use their logical thinking, creativity, and analytical skills to solve problems.

6. Computer Systems Analyst

A career in computer systems analysis gives INTJ personality types a chance to use their analytical skills and logical thinking to solve complex problems. It also allows them to find ways to bring more innovation to a system.

7. Consultant

INTJs can use their creativity, communication skills, and analytical thinking in this career. Consulting allows INTJs to solve problems with people who have different perspectives. This career path allows them taking the initiative on projects, pick and choose who they want to work for, and find ways to help their clients succeed.

8. Paralegal

INTJ’s are able to use their communication and analytical skills to solve problems. They often have strong research skills and enjoying being efficient, making a paralegal great career for them.

9. Pharmacist

INTJs are skilled at analyzing complex information. INTJs tend to be perfectionists, making this career field a good fit since pharmacists must fill each prescription bottle accurately with no exceptions. They must also use critical thinking skills and analysis when making decisions about medications, another strength of INTJs.

10. Programmer

INTJs work well under pressure and enjoy developing new programs that solve complex problems. Therefore, being a programmer could be a satisfying career choice as it allows them to work independently implement their ideas and be their own boss in freelance roles.

11. Software Developer

INTJs are proficient at problem-solving and logical thinking, as we’ve discussed. INTJs thrive in developing innovative solutions, often work well under pressure, and have attention to detail skills. Being a software developer could tick a lot of the boxes of this personality type.

Careers for INTJs to avoid

INTJs may have a hard time working in fast-paced environments. INTJ personalities also struggle with being overly emotional and can be very critical of themselves. They often have trouble working well with others and do not enjoy following orders without understanding the reasoning behind said orders. INTJs also prefer to work independently, making jobs that require consistent working alongside a team a less than ideal fit.

Here are 4 jobs that INTJ’s should avoid:

Medical Assistant

INTJs can be excellent problem solvers, but they often have a hard time dealing with social settings like small talk. They can be critical of others and are not always great at taking orders. INTJs also prefer to work independently, making a medical assistant career less than ideal for them.


A receptionist deals with people a lot. INTJs often struggle with being overly critical of themselves and others, and, as we discussed, they don’t thrive in casual social settings. This is why jobs where they have to deal with people can be difficult.

receptionist with a customer


Social Worker/Therapist

INTJ personalities are skilled at analyzing complex information, but it is harder to show empathy for people who are not their close friends. INTJs can also struggle with being overly critical of themselves and others, making it difficult for them to be a successful social worker or therapist


INTJs often lack the interpersonal skills and lack of logic required to interact with youth. Since INTJs can also be critical of others who do not think similarly to them, this character trait could make teaching a frustrating career choice.

INTJ strengths in the workplace

The best INTJ careers are often found in the world of problem-solving and critical thinking.

INTJs are intellectual and ambitious and have an uncommon combination of motivation, integrity, self-confidence, and strategic thinking skills that makes them well suited for careers in technology or scientific fields. They can use their intelligence to create new innovations on the fly with little guidance from others. This independence often means INTJ personality types need jobs without many meetings because it doesn’t engage their natural questing spirit which prefers taking the initiative.

INTJ weaknesses in the workplace

INTJ’s are skilled at logical thinking, but they often aren’t great in social settings. They can be great at leading a project efficiently and effectively, but they may struggle with emotionally connecting with other team members on the project.

INTJ personalities can struggle with being too demanding of other people and find it hard to communicate with people who do not think like them. They also really struggle with a workplace process that is not efficient or a waste of time in their mind.

INTJs working on a team

This personality type is geared toward problem solving and efficiency. However, this can lead to getting frustrated with people who can be too demanding of other people on their team. They freely talk about failures and flaws in a project, which could be offensive and discouraging to others.

INTJs may come across as abrasive and insensitive when interacting with a group. This is not done on purpose; they have difficulty reading social cues, making it hard for them to understand how those around them are receiving their words. However, an INTJ sees this as their way of making the product or service better.

INTJs as leaders

INTJs are often great leaders because they have a strong sense of integrity and can be very strategic in their thinking. INTJs are not afraid to take the initiative and are excellent at problem-solving, making INTJ careers that value these qualities a great fit for them. Since they have a high level of integrity, they are trustworthy leaders. They are also great at planning out a logical vision for a company.

Conversely, INTJs often prefer to work independently, which might not be ideal for a leadership role. INTJ personalities can also struggle with being overly critical of themselves and others, which might cause friction coming from a leadership position.


INTJs are considered the Mastermind. Therefore, they should look for positions that encourage and celebrate their ability to solve complex problems and always be on the lookout for new ways of innovating and improving a product or service.

As INTJs only account for 2.1% of the population, if you have a dedicated “mastermind” at your company – make sure you do what it takes to keep them happy and wanting to stay.

Ideally, careers that require minimal teamwork, meetings, and interpersonal connection with maximum autonomy, logical thinking, and strategy. They truly hold tight to their character traits of introversion, intuition, thinking, and judging. Once they find a career that aligns with their strengths, they will truly thrive and become an invaluable asset at any company.

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