7 Best Careers for INFJ Personality Types

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Making up only 1-3% of the population, the INFJ personality type on the Myers-Briggs test is arguably one of the rarest personality types.

They are deeply creative, strong-willed, empathetic, and sensitive individuals who are passionate about making the world a better place. They would often do anything for their inner circle, but they can take a long time to open up to new people.

If you’re an INFJ, then this article is for you! If you are not an INFJ, keep reading! It can be helpful to know about different personality types, especially as you build your team.

Read on to learn more about careers that might be a good fit for an INFJ personality type, career paths that might make sense for INFJs, and some of the most interesting INFJ career matches.

What is an INFJ Like?

INFJs are typically assertive, independent, and socially engaged. They tend to have a relaxed, even temperament in daily life, and stress doesn’t often rattle them. INFJs are less concerned about worst-case scenarios.

They tend to be confident during times of turmoil, maintaining a more positive attitude.  INFJs can also be high achievers.

Top INFJ Careers

Many INFJs may find themselves drawn to career paths such as business and law, education, graphic design, healthcare, psychology or psychiatry, sciences, and technical writing.

Let’s explore this list of career ideas for INFJ personalities.

Business & Law

The business world can be very competitive, but often an INFJ has what it takes to stand out from the crowd. They have strong negotiation skills, combined with naturally intuitive insight into their clients’ wants and needs. They are good at understanding how to connect with people, making them excellent negotiators and mediators. This field can be one of the highest-paying INFJ careers.


INFJs are well-suited for education careers, so that field may be one of the best INFJ career matches. They have a deep understanding of human nature which helps INFJs create engaging lessons. They are also often warm, nurturing individuals who truly enjoy seeing their students succeed.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a career suited to an INFJ because they have a strong eye for design and aesthetic beauty, combined with the ability to see the big picture and understand how its pieces fit together. They enjoy seeing their designs come to life, which is why this field may be gratifying for INFJs.


Healthcare careers are often a good fit because INFJs combine their creativity with a strong desire to help others and make the world a better place. They work well as part of a team and enjoy working independently when necessary. Their natural intuition helps them connect with people on an emotional level.

Mental Healthcare

Psychology, psychiatry, or other mental health careers can be excellent career choices for INFJs because they have an innate understanding of human nature and how people think. They often enjoy helping others become their best selves by encouraging them to overcome emotional struggles and lead happier lives.


INFJs combine creativity with a strong desire to understand how things work. They enjoy understanding and mastering complex systems which can make them great scientists and researchers.

Technical Writing

INFJs’ attention to detail can help them create documentation that increases productivity for their team. INFJs are often also great at communicating complex ideas in a clear and concise manner which makes technical writing a perfect fit for some INFJs.

Jobs for INFJs to Avoid

For one or more reasons, these jobs are sometimes ones to avoid for the INFJ personality type.

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Engineering Technician
  • Military & Police
  • Sales

Please note, these are just general lists. They are not extensive, and there are always exceptions since every person is unique.

INFJ Strengths in the Workplace

INFJs often work well in teams and can enjoy working independently when necessary. INFJs are often patient and understand others who may have a different perspective than themselves. They can be great listeners which helps them connect with people emotionally.

They also usually prefer small groups or even one-on-one relationships over large crowds. This makes them excellent mentors and teachers because they often prefer to connect one-on-one. This can help them understand how best to support individuals at different stages in their journey towards growth and self-discovery.

INFJ strengths in the workplace can also include that strong ability to connect with people and form deep, meaningful relationships. They are also often great at encouraging others and helping them reach new heights of success through encouragement and support.

INFJs have an innate understanding of human nature. This character trait can also make them good managers. They know how to motivate employees by appealing to their emotional side rather than just pushing them towards a goal for monetary gain or praise from peers or supervisors—if that is their language of appreciation.

INFJ Weaknesses in the Workplace

INFJs can struggle with high expectations and a need for perfection. They can also be too trusting, which might make them vulnerable to manipulation or deception from others who may not have their best interests at heart. This may be one reason why they prefer working alone. However, sometimes this preference leaves them unfulfilled because it doesn’t allow them to connect emotionally with those around them.

Their desire for harmony and cooperation means INFJs may avoid conflict. This quality could stop them from speaking up to keep peace within a team environment or work relationship. Deep down, this can be draining and may even create stress and anxiety because they care deeply about everything that goes on around them and want everyone to get along without judgment.

Therefore, INFJs should consider a career path with less likelihood of having conflicts between coworkers or subordinates.

INFJs Working on a Team

What are some tips for INFJs when working on a team?

Many INFJs thrive in small teams with less likelihood of conflict and people being competitive with each other. They often prefer to work independently and enjoy the chance to brainstorm ideas with others who have a different perspective or way of thinking about things than themselves. This can help them see new possibilities or solutions they may not have considered before.

They often dislike office politics, so managers shouldn’t put their employees in situations where they must play political games to get ahead. This type of behavior may cause stress within a sensitive personality type making them want to withdraw—and not bring their best selves or their contributions forward.

Some INFJs can be overwhelmed by too much stress and anxiety, so they may need to take breaks throughout the day. Some INFJ personalities can do well when there is a clear list of tasks that must be completed, along with open communication from leadership on progress on projects.

This type often needs room to take time away to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with what brings them joy outside of work.

INFJs as Leaders

What qualities does the INFJ personality type have as a leader?

They’re often able to see the big picture and understand people emotionally, which means that they learn what motivates people, how best to communicate with them, and how best to connect personally to get the best out of their team. They also possess excellent organizational skills and a strong sense of ethics and morality, making them trustworthy as leaders within any company.

This type is often a visionary who can establish long-term goals for themselves and others while being flexible enough along the way when it comes to changing priorities.

They don’t like office politics, so this personality type will avoid playing games—making decisions based on ethics over those based on personal gain.

INFJ Career Stats

INFJs are the least represented personality type in the workforce since they make up only about 1-3% of the population.

They sometimes can be over-represented within management roles because once they find a role where there is less likelihood of having conflicts with coworkers or subordinates, they will often rise quickly through company ranks.

INFJs often have excellent communication skills and want everyone to feel heard and respected, making them managers who know how to motivate teams towards common goals. They enjoy personal growth and generally enjoy helping others.

Their introverted nature allows them to be excellent listeners. Careers for INFJs in counseling, therapy, or psychology are good choices to consider because of this natural trait.

They tend towards introversion, so career paths involving writing and research can suit this personality type particularly well. Lastly, due to their creativity and ability to think outside the box, INFJs are excellent storytellers which means they could do well in the entertainment industry.

INFJs are creative, compassionate, and giving. When you put them in positions to succeed, they often will because of their innate talents and enduring personality.

They will often win people over with their emotional intelligence, superb communication skills, and ability to connect.

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