7 Great Careers for ENTP Personality Types

An icon of an inventor, one of the top qualities of a person with an ENTP personality type.

ENTPs—one of the 16 personality types on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator—are described as innovators, visionaries, and debaters. Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” He was probably an ENTP—or at least his speech writer was.

Additionally, ENTP (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceiving) personality types are known for their innovative and futuristic mindsets. They love to brainstorm new ideas and debate theories with other people who share the same interests. They’re naturally enthusiastic, have a knack for understanding how things work, and are desperately needed in the workplace.

Before we get into what kind of careers suit an ENTP well, let’s dig a little more into what an ENTP is like.

What is an ENTP like?

ENTPs are typically very outgoing and enthusiastic people. They are known as “The Debater” personality type, so they love to engage in stimulating conversations and learn new things. ENTPs also have a natural talent for coming up with innovative ideas, and they’re not afraid of change or taking risks.

But ENTPs aren’t all the same. They can be either assertive (an ENTP-A) or turbulent (an ENTP-T):


A person with an ENTP-A personality type is typically logical and practical when thinking about the future. They aren’t afraid of taking risks or trying new things, but they tend to be more introverted than ENTP-Ts. ENTP-As are more likely to enjoy studying and learning about theories behind how things work. They also tend to be more quiet, perfectionistic, and competitive than ENTP-Ts, so they typically only share their creativity with people who understand them well enough.


ENTP-Ts are typically more analytical and systematic. They enjoy breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable pieces, and they have a knack for finding solutions to complex challenges. On the other hand, they’re not as driven to constantly be brainstorming new ideas, and they’re more content with letting things happen naturally.

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Top ENTP careers

ENTP personalities, as we’ve discussed, are known for their creativity and forward-thinking mindsets. They love brainstorming new ideas, debating theories, and learning how things work. There are many different career paths one could take.

Here are seven ENTP careers that are great for ENTP personality types:

Civil Engineer

Civil engineers are the people who design, build, and maintain infrastructure around the world. They work on everything from roads and bridges to water treatment plants and airports.

Civil engineering is one of the best ENTP careers because they have a natural talent for understanding how things work. They’re also creative problem solvers, which is essential for designing new infrastructure projects.

Sales Manager

Think about a time when a salesperson convinced you to buy a product? Were they passively interested in the product, or were they passionate about it and expressed how the product can help you?

An ENTP could be a great salesperson—especially for products they’re passionate about—because they usually love to learn about peoples’ problems, talk them out, and help come up with a solution.

Graphic Designer

ENTPs are usually overflowing with creative ideas, so a graphic designer career path is a perfect choice. They’re not afraid of taking risks or trying new things—such is the world of graphic design and digital art.

Management Consultant

ENTPs tend to be naturally outgoing and enthusiastic and have strong analytical skills. This combination of traits is perfect for careers in management consulting because it allows them to understand complex problems and then present their findings clearly and concisely.

Management consultants typically work with businesses to help them solve problems or improve their operations. They need to constantly be learning and keeping up with market trends. ENTPs make great consultants because they develop creative solutions and have the problem-solving skills to find innovative answers to complex challenges.

Software Developer

They enjoy solving problems, debating theories, learning, and brainstorming new ideas. This is vital as a software developer, especially when working as part of a team. They also have strong analytical skills, essential for writing code—one of the primary skills of a quality software developer.

Software developers typically work with businesses and other organizations to design and build custom computer applications and websites. ENTPs make great software developers because they have the creativity and problem-solving skills necessary to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.


Editors of any kind must constantly be learning and paying attention to detail. This lines up with an ENTP personality. Editors must also engage in conversations—sometimes debates—with writers about what should or should not be in their piece of content. They can be convinced of either side, but they love to engage in these sorts of conversations to make the work better.

Web Developer

Web developers typically design and build websites for businesses or organizations. Since ENTPs have strong technical skills and are good at solving problems, this could be an ideal career. ENTPs also make great web developers because of their creative mindset and problem-solving skills.

Graphic with a photo of a diverse team of co-workers celebrating. Text overlay reads: What is an extrovert? Extroverts recharge their energy by spending time in groups of all sizes. They tend to be outgoing, upbeat, and spontaneous.

Jobs ENTPs May Want To Avoid

ENTPs are creative problem solvers who enjoy debating theories and brainstorming new ideas. While this may seem like a desirable quality in many jobs, ENTPs would be unhappy in roles that require too much routine or monotonous work. They also might not thrive in roles where they don’t have the freedom to explore new ideas and opportunities.

Here are three jobs for ENTPs may want to avoid:

  • Dentist or other medical jobs: The medical field has a right way of treating patients, and people in this field work and train for years to deliver proper care those in need. People with an ENTP personality might not enjoy the needed rigidity of many professions in the medical field.
  • Receptionist: Receptionists are the order of the office. They’re often the first point of contact for customers, and while they’re incredibly detail-oriented, the job doesn’t typically require a ton of innovation. Rather than a receptionist, an ENTP might prefer to be a business analyst or planner in an office setting.
  • Factory worker/supervisor: These careers have processes in place that best optimize a factory’s productivity. Sure, there is room for improvement and optimization in any warehouse or factory, but engineers typically aide in this process. The workers and supervisors in the factory typically execute already researched procedures for how to run the factory.

ENTP strengths & weaknesses in the workplace

ENTPs usually work well in unpredictable or unstructured environments that allow them to be independent. And as we’ve discussed, they’re also excellent at understanding how business processes work. Their creativity and critical thinking skills bring a layer of value to any team.

ENTPs are creative and imaginative, but they sometimes have difficulty staying focused on their work. They also can be impatient with routine tasks or projects that don’t allow for creativity or freedom of expression.

ENTPs as leaders

People with the ENTP personality type are natural leaders who enjoy coming up with new ideas and rallying people around a common goal. ENTPs make good leaders because they can see the big picture and develop innovative solutions that can help their team achieve its goals.

Are One of These ENTP Careers Right for You?

If you’re an ENTP seeking a career, try to find one that fits well with your personality and can help you maximize your professional goals. And if you’re a manager of someone with this personality type, harness their passion. You don’t want to miss out on the next big idea because you didn’t empower your ENTP to tap into their innovative mindset.
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