Career Success: Women Share Their Top Tips to Excel

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Whether you’re looking for your first job, switching careers, or just staying updated on best business practices, you can learn something from successful businesswomen. To celebrate Women’s History Month, I asked the women at Insight Global to share their best tips to succeed in the workplace.

Here are their top tips to achieve success at work!

Voice Your Opinion

“Never be afraid to speak up when you see something. ‘See something, say something’ has been a big part of my career—and how I have maintained a healthy balance between my professional and personal life. If you are unhappy at work, your co-workers are not mind readers—they need to know! Don’t let it fester inside until you reach a breaking point. Getting ahead and voicing your concerns before it becomes too late can create a workplace that feels safer for everyone.” –Lia Morris, Benefits Coordinator

“Never be afraid to ask questions. Your presence and voice are needed.” –Rebecca Rollolazo, Sourcing Operations Manager

“Do not shy away from presenting a new way to do things. So often we feel things are stagnant, or we subscribe to the idea that there is a format that we must follow, and that routines and systems at work are unchanging. Every new way of work came from someone calling attention to it just once, so if you ever feel like there is another way worth pursuing, feel empowered to raise your voice about it.” –Eliza Daniels, Manager, Paid Media and Social

“Voice your opinion. Especially as women, we’re socialized to minimize ourselves or shy away from being outspoken, but one of the best things you can do for your personal and professional development is getting comfortable in confidently sharing your thoughts and ideas.” –Kate Weimer, Content Specialist

“Try not to be self-effacing. Share your ideas with confidence and without being afraid of what others think.” –Rie Parker, SEO & Content Operations Manager

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Remain a Lifelong Learner

“Play to your strengths, but know there is always room for improvement. Be highly aware of your weaknesses, vocalize them, and then seek to learn how to improve.” –Alyssa LeBarre, Business Relationship Manager

“You don’t have to look for external resources (classes, certifications, etc.) to gain experience and officiate your skills. It certainly doesn’t hurt if you have the time and resources, but there are plenty of options available to you in your current position if you’re willing to get creative and keep an eye out for opportunities to show off your capabilities.” –Anna Morelock, SEO & Content Operations Manager

“I cannot overstate the importance of remaining a lifelong learner and to always be upskilling. You should always be growing and evolving in your current role and getting ready for the next one. And, as part of that, being fearless when it comes to failure. Nobody is amazing at something when they are first learning it—even Olympic athletes and Carnegie Hall musicians started by falling down a ski slope or squeaking out tunes on their violin. But learning something new keeps your brain young, your mind open, and your horizons broad.” –Erin Ellison, Senior Manager, Content & Social Media Marketing

Build Your Confidence

“Confidence is something that is extremely important every day. I have recently learned that I can do anything I set my mind to. My mentors have instilled in me that having confidence and believing in myself leads to more success.” –Jane Wilson, Account Manager

“Be unapologetically vocal about your aspirations. No one can help get you somewhere that they don’t know you want to go.” –Eliza Daniels, Manager, Paid Media and Social

“Build your confidence from within—it’s a choice you make every single morning to believe in yourself and to reject any lies you’ve ever let define you. Be the change you want to see—as you build your own confidence and career, lift others up with you, too.” –Carolina Andes, Senior Content Marketing Manager

“Stop second-guessing yourself. This is something I struggle with myself, but I’ve learned the hard way that a lack of confidence is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of success. Recognize and embrace your existing accomplishments, and let that propel you towards greater success.” –Anna Morelock, SEO & Content Operations Manager

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Know Yourself

“My best advice is to find your ‘Why,’ and get out of bed every day because of that ‘why.’ I also believe that it is extremely important to lead with optimism. Optimism is a realistic version of positivity. Not every day is perfect, but if you can live in the journey, and understand that there are good things to come, success will follow.” –Jane Wilson, Account Manager

“Write it down and document it. Document the wins at work, document the bad. Write down your goals and make them visible. Don’t just let thoughts and ideas play out in your head. Hold yourself and others accountable.” –Alyssa LeBarre, Business Relationship Manager

“For the women: You don’t have to think, walk, and talk like a man to be successful amongst them. Don’t forego everything you bring to the table by being a woman. The things that separate us can be our most powerful contributions, and you don’t need to conform to any ideal to succeed. It’s okay to ask people to meet you where you are, rather than always offering to meet them where they are.” –Rie Parker, SEO & Content Operations Manager

“Own your calendar and your time management strategy. Break down how much of your time needs to be dedicated to brainstorming, following up on communications, getting things done, etc., and plan your work week accordingly. Understand how you work best and how that fits with your team or department’s schedule. Also know when to shut off your work brain to take time for yourself. Protect your energy when recharging out of office hours or during the weekends to lessen your chance of burnout or feeling overwhelmed.” –Charlotte Pinckney, Manager, Social Media

Give the Extra 1%

“Give it a 110% so on the days you can’t, you still have an A average.” –Jamilyn Simpson, Billing Specialist

“The best advice I ever got from a former manager was to always be training your replacement. If you’re ready for promotion, and you haven’t built your bench strength up so you have team members ready to step up and step in for you, you are not doing everything you should be for your team or for yourself.” –Erin Ellison, Senior Manager, Content & Social Media Marketing

“Be intentional with building a community and getting involved! Life and work are better when you’re connected.” –Jaime Pullin, Director of Talent Strategy

“I recommend going to the extra 1% every day. This includes the work you produce, the emails you send, the chats you type, and the conversations you have. Those tiny 1% efforts will add up, amounting to high quality work and meaningful relationships!” –Courtney Palmer, Managing Director of Talent Strategy

Additional Career Tips

I hope this expert advice helps you find your own success at work! If you need additional tips, look through our archive of career advice.