11 In-Demand Skills for 2024

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Hiring strategies are trending toward a skills-based approach—focusing on what skills a candidate has to offer rather than focusing solely on degrees. For job seekers, that means it’s time to enhance your portfolio of skills to take advantage of this shift in hiring ideology. 

By assessing transferability, value, and which industries are showing the most growth, we’ve put together a list of skills that are in high demand in 2024 and beyond.

Soft vs. Hard Skills

Before diving into the most in-demand skills, let’s briefly go over the difference between hard and soft skills.

Hard skills are also known as technical skills, and they are considered more measurable than soft skills. These can typically be learned or taught, and they’re easier for employers to evaluate or quantify. Examples of technical skills include things like foreign languages, accounting, programming languages, or writing.  

Soft skills, also referred to as durable skills, are a little bit more difficult to quantify. And they can also be a bit trickier to learn, too. However, the advantage to soft or durable skills is that when you have them, you’re less likely to lose them. And because they’re not always something you can just pick up—like learning a new trick—they can also be more attractive to employers. Examples of soft skills include communication, leadership, and time management.  

Most In-Demand Skills 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, employees with in-demand skills help companies compete, adapt, and innovate. Here’s a list of hard and soft skills in high demand in 2024.


Communication is the linchpin that holds all other aspects of business together. It helps build relationships and foster teamwork and is a crucial skill for effective conflict resolution and crisis management.

Skilled communicators can help convey ideas effectively, driving action. Effective communication can significantly impact an organization’s success in today’s complex and increasingly hybrid business environment.

Businesses seek candidates who can write clearly and concisely, speak persuasively, and listen attentively.

Project Management

Project management includes strategic planning, resource allocation, risk assessment, and more. A skilled project manager can oversee complex tasks from inception to completion. It’s a skill that ensures projects are completed on time and budget.

Efficient resource utilization is essential for the financial health of a business. Skilled project managers harness the skills and attention of the team toward efficiently achieving objectives.


Writing is a foundational skill that transcends industries and job titles. As digital communication, social media, and content marketing take a more prominent role, the ability to write clearly and persuasively is as valuable as ever.

Solid writing skills help you convey ideas, instructions, objectives, and even simple emails clearly and effectively. They reduce misunderstandings, saving time and avoiding confusion.

Research and Analysis

Businesses have mountains of data on everything from customer demographics and behaviors to market trends. However, this data is useless if it’s not organized and interpreted in valuable ways.

The ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data is vital in today’s landscape. Research and analysis skills help companies reduce risk, increase efficiencies, improve ROI, adapt to market trends, and more.

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Data Science

Data science is the ability to extract actionable insights from complex data sets. While research and analysis use data to understand what has happened and is happening, data science builds predictive models.

Data science is also the process of setting up systems that utilize data in real-time and helpful ways. For example, a bank wants to identify potential fraudulent charges more efficiently. They hire a data scientist to set up a system that analyzes all transaction details and uses machine learning to flag their team when they see a potential fraud.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Social media platforms have billions of active users, and what they offer and how they are utilized is evolving rapidly. Up-to-date social media marketing and advertising skills help businesses leverage the right platforms to connect with their audience, building brand awareness and driving revenue.

Each social media platform requires a customized approach. Expertise in this area is in high demand.

Web and Software Development

Businesses rely on technology to operate. From client-facing websites to proprietary operational software, web and software developers automate business processes, reduce manual labor, and increase business efficiency.

Web and software developers can give companies a competitive edge by helping them stay agile, keep their data secure, lead the pack with technological advancements, and create exceptional websites or apps that offer a seamless user experience.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a soft skill that helps businesses navigate complexities, make sound decisions, and implement long-term plans. It’s a valuable skill for businesses of all sizes. It helps them achieve their objectives and stay ahead of the competition.

Strategic thinkers can help identify potential risks and develop contingency plans, efficiently allocate resources, pivot in response to changes in the business market, and innovate.

Programming or Coding

Coders use programming languages to write instructions a machine understands. While software developers use coding, their objectives are more multifaceted. Coders write, test, and optimize code for websites, software applications, data analysis, and cybersecurity.

With the rise of AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), coding skills have become even more valuable. These technologies require specialized programming expertise to develop and implement.

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Graphic Design

Good design evokes emotions and connects a brand and its customers. Visual content is more engaging than text alone, and businesses need graphic designers who can create compelling visual content that aligns with their message and brand.

High-quality designs project credibility and professionalism. They can help a business stand out from its competitors.

Content Creation and Management

Blogs, white papers, eBooks, case studies, emails, social media content, videos, podcasts, web pages, and articles are all examples of the content businesses need to stay visible in today’s digital age. It’s moved to the core of business strategies, making content creation and management an in-demand skill.

Content creators help businesses build their organic SEO ranking, build brand authority, drive engagement, and build lasting customer relationships.

9 Fast Growing Industries 

Now, let’s consider how those skills factor into seven industries that are expected to see the most growth in 2024.  


Climate change is on a lot of minds right now, and for good reason. Many businesses are attempting to take accountability and make a difference by implementing sustainability initiatives. Not to mention the growing list of organizations whose sole purpose is sustainability. 

But fighting against climate change is no simple task. To really make a difference, workers need to be proficient in project management, research and analysis, communication, and strategic thinking.  

Energy and Utilities

As the world becomes more aware of things like carbon emissions and clean energy, it would seem like the energy sector isn’t poised to see the most growth in 2024. But amid growing environmental concerns, this industry is beginning to adopt more ESG policies and make other major shifts. To implement this change, they need to build new, forward-looking teams that can bring energy and utilities into a more ecological future. 

Like sustainability, the in-demand skills these teams will need include strategic thinking, project management, research and analysis, and communication. This industry is also becoming more tech-based, so they’re also looking for coding and programming languages as well as software development. 

Digital Marketing 

The world is more online than it ever has been, and businesses along with it. Technology has caused organizations to shift in a lot of ways—including their marketing strategies. Digital marketing is a great space to be in because the internet is a great place to target potential consumers and clients. 

It’s also a great space to make use of the skills on this list, such as graphic design, communication, research and analysis, writing, and content creation and management.  

Data Analysis

The field of data analytics is slated to grow to at least $346.2 billion by 2030. It’s a great space to move into, and experts within this field are highly sought after by online retailers, banks and financial institutions, healthcare, transportation, and more. 

Success in data analysis requires skills such as coding and programming languages, strategic thinking, data science, research and analysis, and project management. 

Online Retail 

Like data analysis, online retail is set to see steady growth in 2024 and beyond. This industry has been growing for several years and shows no signs of slowing down. Not only dominated by industry giants, small and mid-size businesses are relying more on online sales than they ever have, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Online retail requires skills that help lead people and projects, as well as technical knowledge. Workers who are skilled in project management, communication, graphic design, content management, social media marketing, data science, research and analysis, strategic thinking—or all of the above—are set up for success in online retail.  


Amid rapid growth and mounting gaps in technical skills, cybersecurity is a fast-growing industry with major hiring needs. It’s projected that more than 530,000 workers are needed to cover total openings within this field. 

Technical skills are the most in-demand within this space, and cybersecurity professionals need working knowledge of coding or programming languages, web and software development, and strategic thinking. 

AI and Blockchain 

AI and blockchain is a vital industry that’s already valued at $328.34 billion. In addition to research and cloud-based data storage—platforms like ChatGPT, GoogleAI, and DALL-E have shown that AI innovation is just getting started.  

Breaking into this evolving field requires technical skills like programming and coding, web and software development, and graphic design. But soft skills like communication or project management can also be in-demand for AI opportunities. 


The healthcare industry is growing rapidly as the population ages and chronic diseases show no signs of disappearing. Technology and innovation are central to the healthcare system. Healthcare professionals continually seek better ways to understand, engage, monitor, and treat patients.

While you may think of healthcare as treating patients, there are many other vital roles related to technology and data. The industry needs skilled software developers, data scientists, coders, and strategic thinkers to stay on top of trends and meet the population’s needs.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Advances in technology are spurring rapid growth in the VR and AR industries. The rollout of 5G networks has increased the viability of these technologies by making them more reliable and accessible. From architects who want clients to experience their designs to gamers building virtual worlds, there are many exciting applications for VR and AR.

VR and AR are both highly technical and relatively new. The industry needs coding, software development, research and analytics, and project management. However, there is also a need to reach the public and communicate the opportunities, calling for content creators and managers, social media marketers, and people with strong communication, writing, and strategic thinking skills.

Skills for a Better Future  

The in-demand skills on this list are a great way to stand out in 2024 and break into fast growing industries. Whether technical or durable, the right skills can open doors to new opportunities and bring you closer to your dream career.