Inside Insight Global University with VP of Talent Development, Jeremy Krickel

Jeremy Krickel

By Jeremy Krickel, VP of Talent Development, Insight Global


To be an industry leader, you certainly have to be ahead in the game. While Insight Global has changed the industry landscape in so many ways, between sourcing the best talent, promoting only from within and turning the practice of Consultant Engagement into a way of life, not much beats the fact that we also started a University.

Born out of a desire for successful career-builders to help develop those who have followed the same path, Insight Global University is currently focused on education of internal employees, both in the field and in corporate.

While training existed prior to IGU’s conception, IGU was a way to reimagine what it means to support our people. By offering robust training and mentorship from the first day forward, IGU is set up to maximize opportunity, enhance leadership skills and to grow our people personally, professionally and financially. It’s built on the idea that training, mentorship and serving are fundamental to a successful career.

Imagine starting a career and being handed a booklet with a “good luck” note. Starting a new job is no easy feat, especially for someone just leaving college. Now, imagine having scheduled, progressive classes that coincide with every milestone of your career and each promotion, as well as frequently held electives that double down your range of career pursuits and possibilities – all within your reach and your 8-5.

On top of that, IGU has dedicated time to having different leaders across the company host weekly study halls and monthly electives for anyone to join – because who isn’t itching to learn more?

Jeremy Krickel, Vice President of Talent Development, has almost 20 years at Insight Global under his belt and a team of 17 that have more than 150 years combined experience and passion for helping others reach their goals. Krickel and his team have one mission: explain the “why” so that people care about learning, growing and developing into better people and professionals.

“I have always been surrounded by people that believed in me and most importantly, never gave up on me,” Krickel said. “What motivates me is the pursuit of paying that forward to all our employees.”

And how is Krickel continuing towards that pursuit? IGU is on path to another year of remarkable growth. Not only have their services majorly scaled over the last few years, but they’re moving towards a future that takes more of a divisional focus with specific trainings designed for IGT, IGB, IGH and SLED/Federal.

Even more in line with his pursuit, Krickel and IGU are actively working with Brindy Pickett, Vice President of Consultant Engagement, and Korryn Williamson, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, to design service offerings to our consultants and local communities so that our footprint and appetite for helping others can grow beyond our walls.

IGU is obsessed with the employee experience and constantly brainstorming ways to take action and grow Insight Global into a company operating at optimal potential.

“From onboarding to orientation, education and skill development for new employees, to promotion priming and post-promotion education, we are there for the whole journey,” said Krickel. “We seek out and hire contest winning killers that can bring their perspective, both the wins and the losses, to our classes to make us a better company.”

Safe to say, here at Insight Global, we are students first so we can be successful leaders, mentors and world-class professionals second.