7 Careers for an Enneagram Type 6

Do your friends, family, and loved ones think of you as reliable, hard-working, and trustworthy? Are you motivated by your desire for support from others or your fears of insecurity and anxiety? Do you think of yourself as a problem-solver, constantly foreseeing what issues may arise and addressing them appropriately? If so, you may be an Enneagram Type 6, and as such, some careers may be better suited for your personality than others.

In this article, we’ll discuss what it means to be an Enneagram Type 6. That includes typical attributes of type 6, general strengths in the workplace, and some of the best careers to consider if you’re a Type 6.

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Everything You Need to Know About Type 6—The Loyalist

The Enneagram Type 6 is called the Loyalist or the Skeptic and is motivated by safety and structure. They’re great at anticipating potential problems and creating solutions to avoid them. That makes them extremely loyal, dependable, and hard-working. They need security and fear risk but can be cautious and indecisive, sometimes causing self-doubt.

Loyalists can be a tremendous asset in the working environment. Their dedication can influence other team members to become more motivated in their own work. However, a Type 6 can tend to take on more work than they should—so watch out for this in the workplace if this Type applies to you!

Enneagram Type 6 Wings

Each Enneagram has wings. These wings are other personalities that fall on each side of your primary Enneagram type. So, the Loyalist’s wings are Type 5, the Investigator, and Type 7, the Enthusiast.

A Loyalist with more Type 5 personality traits may be more introverted and analytical, making their desire for support or fear of insecurity even more intense. An Enneagram Type 6 with Type 7 tendencies is typically more extroverted or outgoing and may be more inclined to take risks.

Enneagram Type 6 Strengths at Work

Despite the differences between these two wings, you can expect to see some general strengths at work within yourself or other Loyalsits.

Some of the Enneagram Type 6 strengths include:

  • Making well-thought-out practical decisions
  • Protecting, caring, and serving teammates and others
  • Honoring their commitments to friends, family, and co-workers
  • Assessing risks and potential harmful or dangerous situations
  • Making decisions while taking into consideration both logic and emotion

7 Enneagram Type 6 Jobs

The Enneagram Type 6 personality thrives in professional environments that offer stable work and require them to make safe, logical decisions. They need trusting relationships with managers and co-workers and must feel supported at work. With that in mind, here are some of the best-suited Enneagram Type 6 careers to consider today.

1. Caregiver

Their perception and gift for predicting things that may go wrong make Loyalists excellent caregivers. Whether caring for children or older clients—in home settings or healthcare settings—they can sense their needs.

They have the responsibility, commitment, and compassion to make ethical and practical choices regarding their clients and honor the wishes of these clients.

2. Paralegal

Sixes are committed individuals, and they’re often willing to go the extra mile. They are also very ethical and honest—attributes that play well in the legal profession. Sixes have a keen eye for detail, too, and they are very good at proofreading and identifying errors.

Lastly, Sixes are usually very thorough in their research and analysis, which is essential for paralegals.

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3. Financial Advisor

Financial advisors provide many services to their clients. These services range from planning taxes to managing investments. But they also assess investment risks for their clients.

The Loyalist can excel in a risk assessment position that allows them to protect their clients from making bad investments depending on the situation. Type 6 may also thrive in other financial roles that require them to manage data, crunch numbers, and make logical business decisions.

4. Data Analyst

Working as a data analyst involves utilizing data to prevent problems and troubleshoot possible issues. Because they enjoy predicting and preventing issues and logical problem-solving, Sixes thrive as data analysts. In this role, they can smoothly integrate their rational nature with their need for security.

5. Executive/Administrative Assistant

Though many Type 6s enjoy problem-solving, many instead find professional security by obtaining a low-profile career. For those, working as an executive assistant or administrative assistant may be the best fit.

Working in an executive-level administrative role is the perfect combination of wanting to be low-profile but still filling an integral need within a company. In this role, an Enneagram Type 6 will thrive knowing their work supports their co-workers and the company’s needs.

6. Doctor or Medical Professional

Some of a Six’s personality traits that would make them good doctors (or other medical professionals) is their reliability and trustworthiness. These traits matter deeply to Sixes—and they do to medical professionals.

Specific to skills in the medical field, Sixes are often very good at building rapport with patients and explaining complex medical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. The also find value in taking care of others—as we mentioned for the caregiver career.

7. Teacher

The Enneagram Type 6 has a lot of value and appreciation for knowledge, and as such, they appreciate the opportunity to share knowledge with others. That makes teaching a viable option for Loyalists.

Teaching requires creativity, commitment, and a desire to help others, making it a career many Sixes will excel in.

The Loyalist at Work

In the workplace, Loyalists are hard-working, responsible, and reliable. They’re excellent at using their desire for security and analytical skills to solve problems, are devoted to their company, and prioritize building a rapport with their team members.

If this sounds like you, consider some of these top Enneagram Type 6 careers and check out our job board today!

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