5 Careers for an Enneagram Type 7

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The Enneagram Type 7 is often referred to as the Enthusiast. They’re seen as playful, optimistic, eager to enjoy life, and practical. It’s a unique combination or traits, like all Enneagram Types! But it can be helpful to understand how they work and interact with colleagues as you build out your team.

Let’s talk about their personality and some careers that could be a good fit.

Enneagram Type 7—the Enthusiast

An Enneagram Type 7 is typically an extroverted and optimistic individual who are seen to like to “maintain their freedom and happiness, avoid missing out on worthwhile experiences, and keep themselves excited and occupied,” according to the Enneagram Institute. Because of this, they’re described as The Enthusiast.

The Enthusiast’s Attributes

Their attributes often allow Type 7s to experience life fully. Freedom and new opportunities are essential to them—so that may mean they crave novelty in their day-to-day work. For instance, Type 7s might like to go from one project or job to the next. High levels of optimism, enthusiasm, and a thirst to learn new things can be great for folks who work in jobs with constant change or evolving needs.

In general, Enneagram Type 7s are seen as being:

  • Fun-loving, spontaneous, and imaginative individuals
  • Curious; always taking on new opportunities and experiences
  • Extremely people-oriented and highly energetic
  • Focusing on being in the present moment with themselves and those around them
  • Passionate about life, good humor, and ability to radiate positivity to others
  • Strengths and Weaknesses of the Enneagram Type 7
  • Enneagram Type 7s are thought of as:
  • Excellent at thinking on their feet
  • Having high levels of optimism, charisma, and enthusiasm
  • Being big-picture thinkers and seeing all possible outcomes
  • Adaptable, allowing them to pivot and handle last-minute changes
  • Able to learn new skills and understand new concepts quickly

This may mean they prefer things changing regularly allowing them to use those skills and flexibility well in their daily work.

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Top 5 Enneagram Type 7 Careers to Consider

The working environment where this type thrives varies. An Enneagram Type 7 can be excellent with tight deadlines but may also enjoy flexible and adventurous work opportunities. They can be great at brainstorming, allowing them to thrive in contract jobs, freelance work, and uniquely creative careers.

The Enneagram Type 7 might prefer to avoid tedious or mundane jobs or work.

That may mean they thrive in roles where change is constant like retail management, magazine writing or editing, business consulting, project management, photographer, chef, pilot, personal trainer, and architect.

Here are five more Enneagram Type 7 jobs to consider.

Marketing Professional

Type 7s seem to like dynamic careers, and marketing can offer that. It provides the chance to make new client connections and implement new ideas. There are opportunities for engaging with clients, working to understand the best way to market their product, and how you can make it come to fruition. A marketing career provides the perfect balance of creativity and connection to thrive in.

Event Planner

Another option for using all that energy and optimism is working in event planning. While some 7s prefer a flexible schedule, others enjoy meeting deadlines and working on a tight schedule. As an event planner, there’s the chance to plan events, orchestrate all the logistics, come up with creative ideas and solutions, meet people, and network with new and different people.


Another career an Enneagram Type 7 may excel in is sales. The Enthusiast is confident in themselves and an enthusiastic communicator. This can be helpful to create a successful career in a fast-paced and competitive environment like sales.


Enthusiasts are sometimes referred to as “natural cheerleaders,” as they can be excellent at inspiring others. They can also be well-respected, trusted, and capable of building rapport with almost anyone. These people skills can make them good teachers since they’re able to connect with others and can share their knowledge and expertise. Their entrepreneurial spirit and ability to effectively teach others might help them be great corporate trainers or executive coaches.


Like event planners, publicists are often busy, meeting the next deadline or heading to the next press event for their clients. It can be a hectic career, but the Enthusiast might just thrive in a fast-paced, busy, ever-changing environment. Plus, the Enthusiast is often excellent with people, and this charm can be exceptionally effective in helping them achieve a successful career.

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If you’re the type of person who is highly optimistic, full of energy, and thrives in spontaneous working environments, you may be an Enneagram Type 7. Many Enthusiasts thrive in working environments that are fast-moving and constantly changing.

There’s no sure way to know what careers you’re best suited for, but the Enneagram may help give you some inspiration for paths to explore. Check out our job board to find open positions that may be a fit for your professional goals.

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