8 Growth Careers in Media and Entertainment

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Job seekers in top locations for the media and entertainment industries, including Los Angeles, New York, and Georgia, have many options for creative careers. Behind every actor or news anchor is a team of skilled and resourceful people operating cameras and other equipment, creating designs, writing scripts, editing, and much more.

Whether you are a job applicant looking for an exciting career or a hiring manager involved in media and entertainment staffing, here are eight high-demand careers in these fast-paced industries plus how the Bureau of Labor Statistics sees the potential growth for each. .

1. Photographer

Photographers combine technical and creative skills to capture images, tell stories, and record events. Photographers use light, composition, distance, framing, and other techniques to create striking and memorable images.

In media and entertainment, photographers are in demand to record events, capture people, and take photos for online and print publishing.

2. Broadcast, Sound, and Video Technicians

Broadcast, sound, and video technicians are in demand in a variety of locations, from hotels and sports arenas to TV and recording studios. They are responsible for setting up, operating, and maintaining the broadcast, sound, or video technology. While operating the equipment, they adjust and monitor it to ensure consistent lighting or sound.

The last time you heard your favorite singer at a concert or a sports announcer call the game, a sound technician was working behind the scenes to make the talent shine.

3. Interpreters and Translators

Interpreters and translators are essential in converting movies, TV shows, books, broadcasts, live presentations, and much more from one language to another. They must be fluent in at least two languages to deliver a seamless experience to the audience, viewers, or readers.

Interpreters tend to work at live events and translate in real-time, while translators convert written or spoken material for publishing or broadcast.

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4. Film & Video Editors and Camera Operators

Film and video editors and camera operators shoot and record films, live events, television programs, and more. They often work with a director who relies on their technical expertise to capture a scene or event on film according to the director’s vision. If editing, they may work with a director to improve a scene or compensate for shortcomings in the filming or acting.

Job titles in the category include cinematographers, studio camera operators, videographers, and video editors.

5. Public Relations Specialists

Also called communications specialists, public relations experts might manage a person’s or organization’s communication with the media and public. They understand the news cycle and can be instrumental in framing stories to engage and win over the public and the audience. A public relations specialist is a key part of managing and even constructing a person or group’s public image.

6. Special Effects Artists and Animators

Special effects artists and animators combine computer and technical skills with creativity and artistry. They work with a creative team to create visual effects that enhance or become a game or movie. Special effects artists and animators tend to specialize. They may help create games or movies, and even within that niche, they may have a specialty. For example, character design or creating the look and feel of a game.

7. Producers and Directors

Producers and directors work together to create a film or production. Producers raise money, set the budget for a project, hire the crew, and manage the production timeline. They handle the business aspects of the project and are responsible for getting it done on time.

Directors have a more creative position but are still responsible for management and organization. They select the actors to portray the characters and work with the actors and crew to create the scenes and settings that convey the story. This may include directing costume designers, set designers, and helping the actors develop their characters.

8. Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers all use media and events to generate interest in a product or service. Their primary goal is to increase market share and sales. They achieve this through advertising campaigns, public relations, organic marketing, events, endorsements, and many other strategies.

BLS Job Growth Prediction: Faster Than Average (8%)

  • Salary Range: $61,250 to $208,000 per year
  • Media and Entertainment Staffing

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