Gritty Person Of the Year 2020

Deana Cotrone Photo

Imagine taking the leap and moving to a brand new city to open a brand new office in the new year — and then COVID hits.

Deanna Catrone and her team of five opened the Las Vegas office at the beginning of 2020, and well, you can imagine what happened next. Before her eyes, Deanna watched a city that runs on hospitality and tourism crumble to the ground, and overnight 1 in 3 people became unemployed. That didn’t stop her. Deanna kept her promise to those 5 loyal team members that followed her to Vegas. She poured into their development, strategized together what they wanted their office to be, and Deana had a vision, not just for the office, but for each individual. She let her team know that NOTHING would stop them.

They persevered driven by their 6th shared value “With Courage, Commitment, and Consistency, we will CONQUER!” until they were finally able to start putting people back to work. To remain a strong leader and keep fighting day after day when all the cards are stacked against you is grit. With Grit, it’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. With Grit, you TOO will conquer — and that’s why Deanna Catrone is this year’s Gritty Person of the Year.