In-House Team Spotlight: Heer Perwani

Heer Perwani photo

It’s January 2019, positive change at Insight Global is on the horizon. We had come through a dark and challenging time, emerging stronger and more connected than ever. The Shared Values had just been announced and were beginning to create a revolution across the company that could be felt in the energy, in the air.

Meanwhile, back home in Pakistan, Heer Perwani is helping her mom.

A year prior, Heer’s mom started a small business, a bakery, and it was struggling. Even though Heer was hard at work establishing her sales career at IG in Jersey, she knew what she had to do. She would leave IG and move back home to help her mom. Heer essentially became the CFO/COO. She ran gauntlet style role plays with the entire bakery staff and applied IG style grit and discipline to help get her parents bakery off the ground.

By February of 2019, the bakery is thriving and Heer is ready to get back to the USA and join this new version of IG. Her team in Jersey, welcomed her back with outstretched arms. But Heer is rusty. She’s been out of the role for a year. She missed the Shared Values revolution, and she struggles to get going in her role as Account Manager, placing qualified candidates in the roles her clients request.

Then COVID hits NY and NJ. Heer actually places more people in great jobs through this! She’s tracking down opportunities for her consultants at record pace. But her biggest clients begin issuing layoffs instead of hiring. The world seems to be coming to a halt just as she was getting started, again.

But this wasn’t tough. Not for Heer. Tough was “stepping in the gap” by moving back home to Pakistan to help her mom run a new business and giving up a lucrative role as Account Manager in a territory she built from scratch, because it’s the right thing to do.

That takes a special kind of grit. A grit that’s patient. A grit that’s fearless. A grit that helps you do the right thing for your family in Pakistan and in Jersey.

Fast forward to today and Heer Perwani has just hit a new record in the number of jobs she’s landed for people in New Jersey. This is what Heer has been up to since June. She is unshaken by her setbacks and the time it took her to find success again, in fact, she’s better for it.

Heer Perwani, you can do anything you set your mind to. Launch a bakery in Pakistan, break records at work, before, during and after the pandemic, become President of the United States…anything. You are such a good person. You can’t understand how proud it makes me to know you represent our company. Huge congrats on your continued success. I can’t wait to see you grow in your career here. Thank you for being the best version of IG and thank you for your grit.