Elizabeth Haas (Musser) Promoted to Vice President of Insight Global’s Business Division

Insight Global recently announced the promotion of Eizabeth Haas (Musser) to Vice President of Insight Global’s Business Division (IGB). In this role, Haas will oversee the company’s sales teams delivering service offerings in finance, engineering, professional services, and sciences.

Elizabeth is a nine-year veteran with Insight Global and worked her way up to leadership roles within the company from an entry-level Recruiting position in the Nashville office in 2014. Throughout her career she has held several leadership positions in sales, including as Regional Manager, Director of Operations, and Sales Manager.

For the past five years, Haas has been a key partner to IGB President Greg Dowling, and has impacted the division and its people with her unparalleled decision-making, commitment to excellence, and passion for developing others.

“Promoting Elizabeth marked a significant milestone in our organization and in my 14-year career,” said Greg Dowling. “She embodies a world-class work ethic, setting a high standard for all of us.”

Perhaps most notably, Haas’s involvement in Insight Global’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) has made a lasting impact on the company’s history. As a founding member of the WLC, Haas was a trailblazer in the council’s mission to advance and retain women in leadership by implementing mentorship and networking opportunities for female employees. As the current President of the WLC, Haas has been the voice of over 3,500 Insight Global women and has earned companywide recognition for Insight Global consistently being ranked as a Best Workplace for Women.

“Every woman in our company looks to her for guidance and inspiration,” said Dowling. “But this is just the beginning. We’re all excited to see her embark on this exciting new chapter.”

In addition to her promotion, Haas is also celebrating becoming a new mom to her firstborn, Lillian.