Insight Global Wins Best Sales & HR Teams, Best Company Outlook Awards from Comparably

Insight Global earned three awards from Comparably, a workplace culture and corporate brand reputation platform, in their latest survey of thousands of employees from across the United States. In the latest batch of award announcements, Insight Global was named one of the country’s:

The rankings and awards were given to large companies, which Comparably defines as having more than 500 employees. At least 75 employees at the company had to fill out the survey. The surveys were conducted anonymously and with no cost to participate. Comparably says the awards were given based on responses that reflect:

  • How confident employees feel about the future success of their company
  • Compensation and work-life balance
  • Professional development
  • Perks and benefits

Given these awards were earned by ratings from employees, we asked some of our leaders the genesis of why we’ve won awards like these.

Insight Global Has a Gritty Sales Team

“Our business is an incredibly people-focused business,” Sam Kaufman, Chief Revenue Officer, said. “Our salespeople thrive and stand out in the staffing industry because they care deeply about the people around them and delivering for them. “

“Whether it’s our clients, our consultants, or our IG team members, treating people well and building partnerships is at the foundation of what we do, and it all comes from a place of care.”

Insight Global was also named one of the Best Sales Teams in 2021 and 2022, as well. That repeated success has come from the culture Insight Global has invested in, Kaufman says.

“We value high character, and we value work ethic. We value people and care for those people. We celebrate grit and resiliency. We teach a growth mindset. But it’s our amazing people, who care so deeply to uphold our values, who sustain our success because they keep showing up every day with a positive attitude and a hunger to get better. Our growth year over year is a result of our people living out our values and being great partners to each other.”

Our HR Team Handles Problems “Heart-First”

The Best HR Teams award was given to companies based on Comparably’s survey that measured “compensation, leadership, and co-workers to work-life balance, professional development opportunities, and perks and benefits.”

Jenny Sabo, Insight Global’s Vice President of Human Resources and ESG, says our HR team “is the most caring and dedicated group I know.”

They show up every day on a mission to take care of our Insight Global family and lend a helping hand,” she said. “From small issues to larger problems, they dive in heart-first to tackle whatever our employees may be facing. It’s humbling and inspiring, and I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible team.”

Our Company Outlook

Insight Global has earned an “A+” rating from Comparably based on over 3,000 employee reviews, and we rank above five other competitors on the site. One anonymous review said, “We all feel empowered to think out of the box and promote positive change and influence.”

Beyond sales goals, Insight Global also has environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals we want to meet by 2025. Those include:

  • 25% of leadership promotions come from underrepresented groups
  • Increasing the number of women in senior leadership
  • Awarding 500 hardship grants to Insight Global employees and consultants through our Family Foundation
  • Funding 10 OneWorld Health GRIT Clinics in international developing communities
  • Implementing DE&I continual educational programming that serves all employees at each phase of their career to create inclusive environments

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