2025 Goals Progress

We are so excited to have officially launched our 2025 ESG Goals and we are thrilled to share our progress. These achievements highlight our commitment to impactful business practices and help us achieve our goal of leaving the world better than we found it. As we continue on our ESG journey, we remain dedicated to continuous improvement, adapting to evolving standards, engaging with stakeholders, and leveraging innovation to drive further progress.

We will continue to update this webpage at the end of each quarter to provide the latest information on our progress towards achieving our goals by the end of 2025. Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in our journey!

Last Update: October 2023

2025 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Goals



GOAL #1 : 25% of leadership promotions and hires from
historically marginalized groups*

We recognize that diversity in leadership fosters a more inclusive, innovative, and competitive company culture.



GOAL #2 : 30% of new hires from historically marginalized groups*

We are continuously enhancing our hiring capabilities to access a diverse talent market and bring a diversity of talent into our company. By engaging these groups, Insight Global is taking a positive step toward a more inclusive and innovative company environment.



*Historically marginalized groups include: Black/African American, Hispanic, Latinx, or of Spanish origin (including Puerto Rico and Cuba), Asian/Asian American (including Middle Eastern or South Asian/Indian), Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander, American Indian or Alaska Native, LGBTQIA+, Veteran status, Disability status, Immigrant/First Generation Immigrant Status

2025 Workforce Development Goals



GOAL #1 : Impact 15,000 individuals from historically marginalized communities during the Be the Light Mobile Tour

The Be The Light Tour is Insight Global’s full-service mobile career center. The Tour’s mission is to empower and serve communities by providing direct access to job-readiness resources and career-building strategies. As a true vehicle of hope, we aim to promote economic sustainability and opportunity for everyone.

GOAL #2 : Sponsor 500 Visas through the Pathway to Citizenship initiative*

Insight Global is building our capabilities to directly sponsor visas for our internal employees as well as current and new consultants. Through this initiative, we can further Be the Light to our consultants by proving the best possible employment experience and create a stable environment.

*Since publishing our Inaugural Impact Report, we have increased this goal to sponsoring 500 visas.

Empower Women in Leadership

2025 Women’s Leadership Goals



GOAL #1 : Increase the number of women in senior leadership

As an organization that’s nearly 70% female, we are dedicated to advancing women in the workplace. Through our strong pipeline of talented women in CEO-3 and CEO-4 roles, we aim to establish a 25% representation of women in CEO-1 positions and a 50% representation of women in CEO-2 position.


*CEO-1 reports directly to CEO; CEO-2 reports directly to CEO-1; etc.


2025 Wellness Goals



GOAL #1 : Extend wellness program* to consultant workforce

Extending a wellness program specifically tailored to our consultants’ needs helps promote physical and mental well-being, reduces stress, and enhances resilience. These offerings contribute to higher job satisfaction, productivity, engagement, and loyalty.



*Outlined above are only a handful of the resources available to consultants.

GOAL #2 : Implement Mental Health Leadership training for all
leadership roles

This is a training geared to educate and enable our leaders to be effective listeners, engage in resolution, and provide successful methods and resources around coping with mental health.





2025 Environmental Sustainability Goals



GOAL #1 : Implement a Carbon Accounting Platform

A carbon accounting platform is a tool that helps organizations measure, track, and manage their carbon emissions and environmental impacts. It provides a systematic way to collect, analyze, and report on data related to greenhouse gas emissions, energy usage, and other sustainability metrics.



GOAL #3 : Become carbon-neutral in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2025

As a services company, Insight Global’s Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions primarily come from our 67+ leased office spaces across the US, Canada and the UK. So, to become carbon-neutral we’re taking the necessary steps to reduce as well as offset or remove our emissions from energy consumption.


*Since publishing our 2025 Goals, we have committed to setting Near Term Targets through the Science Based Target Initiative.



GOAL #2 : Track and disclose Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions to the
Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)

Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 are categories used to classify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with an organization’s activities. Scope 1 refers to an organization’s direct emissions, Scope 2 refers to an organization’s indirect emissions from purchased energy, and Scope 3 refers to indirect emissions from the organization’s value chain.





2025 Philanthropy Goals



GOAL #1 : Award 500 hardship grants to our employees and consultants through our Insight Global Family Foundation (IGFF)

Insight Global Family Foundation (IGFF) is a foundation established by Insight Global employees to help fellow employees, consultants and 1099’s experiencing current and true financial hardships including medical bill assistance, natural disaster recovery, automobile hardships, or housing assistance due to unforeseen and acute life events.


GOAL #2 : Fund 10 OneWorld Health GRIT Clinics in international developing countries

GRIT Clinics are permanent hospitals in Uganda, Nicaragua and Honduras in partnership with OneWorld Health, a non-profit organization that partners with communities in those developing countries to bring permanent, sustainable healthcare to the chronically underserved.


GOAL #3 : Enroll 100% of director-level (and above) to give to the
Be The Light Fund

In early 2022, our company launched the Be The Light Fund where employees and our partners can donate to support our philanthropic efforts.



GOAL #4 : Award 36 college scholarships to underserved individuals

Lighting the future for future generations, college scholarships are available to children of Insight Global employees and consultants.



GOAL #5 : Donate $15 million to our charity partners


Our charity partners include the Insight Global Family Foundation, OneWorld Health, The 5 Gyres Institute, Team Rubicon, Susan G. Komen, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Best Buddies, Movember, The Trevor Project, One Tree Planed, and Women in Technology.



GOAL #6 : Achieve 100% employee participation in Insight Global’s
service days

Insight Global offers all employees five paid service days to encourage and support their engagement in community service. To show our commitment to making a positive impact, we have set a goal for 100% employee utilization of these service days.



2025 Training & Development Goals


GOAL #1 : Implement DEIB continual educational programming that serves all employees at each phase of their career to create inclusive environments

Out of the 8 training phases our people attend through IGU and Leadership Academy, 6 of those have additional DEIB courses baked in to their development, and throughout every individual course we are ensuring that inclusive language, DEIB topics, and discussion points are being integrated as we continue to enhance our offerings.