environmental sustainability

2023 was a big year for us in the environmental sustainability space. Previously, this area was not a high priority for us as a company. We were just getting started on the journey to reduce our footprint, and, as a services company, we lacked a clear vision of our impact. As we matured in our understanding and practices in this area, we recognized the opportunity and the responsibility to make sustainability a priority. We made significant investments this year that we are eager to share and continue to expand.

So what are we striving for? Best-in-Class. We’re striving to build a program that is genuine about what we’re doing, balancing the necessary reporting elements of ESG with having big, bold goals and doing the little things right to do our part to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. We aspire for sustainability to be like our Shared Values – embedded in everything we do and something that our people, from executives to our newest hires, are proud to rally behind.

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