Five Career Tips We Love from TikTok Users

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Interviewing, job searching and compiling your most up-to-date resume are some of the biggest pain points in life. As much as you practice, edit and spend time perfecting these skills, it’s easy to feel like you just can’t get it right. As a staffing company, we see people who thrive in these environments as much as we see those who struggle. For the person who is seeking some extra help and guidance, regardless of your industry, this is for you.

Over the past year, the world has turned to TikTok as a source of learning new skills, hacks and tricks of many trades. By bringing people together through shared knowledge, this platform has taught us that learning something new is completely within reach. That being said, here’s how TikTok is going to help you land your dream job in no time:

1. Why did you leave your last job? Erin McGoff shows us how to avoid the panic we often experience in fielding this question.

TikTok - Erin McGoff

2. What happens when you disagree with your manager? Learn how to handle these tough moments with Shade Z.

TikTok - Shade Z.

 3. Knowing what questions to expect in an interview is not easy and the unknown can cause anxiety. The good news is that you can easily find what you’re looking for. Check out Wonsulting ‘s tricks of the trade.

TikTok - Wonsulting

 4. Doing this one thing after a job interview can dramatically increase your chances of getting a job. Learn more here

TikTok - Erin Mcgoff 2

 5. Do you know what hiring managers look for during an interview? Learn here.

TikTok - Michaloshman

Searching for a job is no easy feat. It can be stressful and time consuming but our hope is that with these five, valuable tips, you’ll find simplicity in the process as well as a healthy boost of confidence. Good luck!