25 LinkedIn Headline Examples to Boost Your Job Search

Your LinkedIn headline may be the first thing recruiters, employers, and other professionals see about you on the platform. It’s your mini elevator pitch, and doing it well makes your job search easier.

Your headline also carries weight in LinkedIn’s search algorithm, which means an optimized headline will land your profile in more search results. LinkedIn has over 200 million U.S. users, all of whom are focused on professional networking and hiring. An optimized, highly clickable headline will attract more contacts and recruiter attention.

So how do you write a LinkedIn headline to boost your job search? Read on to find out.

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Best LinkedIn headlines: Dos and Don’ts

There isn’t a simple formula everyone should follow for an outstanding LinkedIn Headline. Your best LinkedIn headline will depend on where you are in your career, your experience, and your target position. Here are some guidelines as you read through the LinkedIn headline examples below.


  • Research how other people in your industry and desired position write their headlines. Use this research as inspiration, but do not copy someone else’s headline.
  • Notice the most frequent phrasing of your target job title and use this in your headline.
  • List directly relevant keywords hiring managers and recruiters may use when they look for candidates for your target position. Use a couple of these in your headline.
  • List value propositions you want to include, like core skills, proof of industry experience, or achievements.
  • Be confident and specific.
  • Include what you have and what you offer.


  • Be so creative that you don’t appear in the search results.
  • Embellish the truth—stick to the facts and present them well.
  • Be rude or use offensive language.
  • Add multiple job titles.
  • Say you’re unemployed or focus on what you need from others; instead, sell what you offer.
  • Use confusing jargon or hyperbole.
  • Have spelling and grammar mistakes.

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25 LinkedIn Headline Examples

You can use several formulas to construct eye-catching and compelling headlines. Below you will see different formula ideas with examples of how that looks for various positions and industries.

You have 220 characters to make a strong impression. This may entail some editing because your primary goals with the headline are the following:

  • Include keywords that will bring you up in search results.
  • Draw hiring managers and recruiters in to click on your profile.

You want your headline to be clear, informative, relevant, and interesting for the best results. Within that general guideline, there are multiple possibilities. The most straightforward template is to expand your title to include the results of your work:

  • Rather than writing, “Retail Sales Associate at Sasha Accessories,” write “Guiding Retail Customers Through Exceptional Purchasing Experiences at Sasha Accessories.”
  • Rather than “Accounts Receivable Clerk for Dunlop Industries,” write “Ensuring Accurate and Timely Payments as Accounts Receivable Clerk for Dunlop Industries.”

Role you want | Quantifiable past achievements

If the Accounts Receivable Clerk above had a quantifiable achievement, the headline might read:

Ensuring Accurate and Timely Payments as Accounts Receivable Clerk for Dunlop Industries. Reduced Overdue Payments by 90%.

Here are some other LinkedIn headline examples for this template. You’ll often see headlines divided by lines or symbols as follows:

  • Office Manager | Decreased No-Shows by 200% by Automating Client Scheduling and Follow-Ups
  • IT Specialist | Resolved Ongoing Software Issues and Boosted Network Up-Time to Nearly 100%
  • B2B Sales Associate | Brought In 5 to 8 New Corporate Clients a Month in 2022
  • Graphic Designer for Smart Systems LLC | Increased Conversions by 25% Through Rebranding and Website Redesign

Role you want | Targeted keywords | Hard skills

  • Corporate Recruiter | Engineering and Tech Recruiting | Data-Driven Mentality
  • Financial Analyst | Forecasting and Financial Reporting | Corporate Finance
  • Leasing Associate | Luxury Apartments | Sales and Customer Service
  • Social Media Marketing Manager | Content Strategy and Engagement | Analytics Certified

Role you want | Years of experience in the role

  • Electrical Engineer | 18+ Years in Manufacturing, Research and Development
  • Customer Service Rep | 3+ Years Telecommunication Support Specialist
  • Inside Sales Rep | 2+ Years Office Supplies and Equipment
  • UX Designer | 14+ Years Eliminating Friction and Collaborating to Create Flawless Online Experiences

Role you want | Specialization

  • Speech Therapist Specializing in Recovery After Brain Injury
  • SEO Consultant Specializing in Website Optimization
  • Alzheimer’s Coach Specializing in Helping Families of Anzheimer’s Patients Navigate Successfully
  • B2B Sales Associate Specializing in Medical Devices
  • Financial Advisor Specializing in ESG Aligned Investing

Role you want | Passion or value proposition

  • Elementary School Teacher With a Passion for Aided Education
  • HR Executive With a Passion for Creating Cross-Functional, Diverse Teams
  • Insurance Agent | Helping Companies Cost-Effectively Deliver Quality Care

Degree | Target position | Notable accomplishments

  • Honors Journalism Student | Staff Writer | University Newspaper Editor 2022
  • UCLA Biology Major | Clinical Lab Technician | GPA 4.3
  • M.A. in Educational Psychology | School Psychologist | Experienced In-Classroom Teacher

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We can help you find the job you want

In your job search, the first and most crucial step is to know the position you want and to ensure you have the skills and education required. LinkedIn is an effective networking and job search tool, but you don’t have to find a job alone.

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