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  • Align Your Company's Vision With Diversity And Inclusion Goals

    You get a complete, holistic approach to your DEIB efforts that focus on driving real change in all three areas.

  • Increase Employee Awareness Of DEIB And Shift Habits

    Foster a culture that prioritizes belonging, accessibility, and psychological safety through DEIB initiatives.

  • Establish Evaluations And Accountability At Any Stage

    Work with a curriculum for organizations in all stages of DEIB adoption that meets you where you are—let’s grow together!

Our DEIB Training Solutions

These packages were created to equip your leaders with the tools to foster an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workforce. These training courses supply your team with education, perspective, and experience to create a stronger and thriving team dynamic.

Inclusion Analysis

We conduct a 100% anonymous survey to learn where your organization stands in DEIB, offer recommendations based on the results, and create an engagement plan to assist with the implementation of these recommendations.


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Service Includes:

A survey that is sent to a selected group in the organization (teams, divisions, lines of business, etc.) to identify where the company is in their DEIB journey, personal understanding of DEIB topics, reception of the organization’s current DEIB implementations (if any), and psychological safety.


Laying the foundation of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

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Service Includes:

A package of two courses that is ideal for getting started with DEIB and introducing the concept of belonging in the workplace. The sessions are intended to be spread out over time to ensure retention, engagement, and adoption of information.


Psychological Safety

A guide to creating a sense of belonging. Showing one how to eliminate “otherism” and explaining how to enable people to bring their authentic selves to work.

Dimensions Of Diversity

Recognizing and embracing the benefits that come from the many differences individuals bring to the workplace.


Taking your organization to the next step in the journey to belonging.


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Service Includes:

A package of two courses that is ideal for raising more awareness of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, as well as for covering the basics of creating a diverse workforce. The sessions are intended to be spread out over time to ensure retention, engagement, and adoption of information.



The Basics And Biases

Getting back to the basics. Learning all about diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, biases, and how it all affects productivity and innovation in the workplace.

Hiring And Onboarding

Understanding the opportunities and challenges companies face throughout the recruiting and interviewing process.


How you lead yourself and lead others on the journey to belonging.


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Service Includes:

A package of three courses that is ideal for growing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. The sessions are intended to be spread out over time to ensure retention, engagement, and adoption of information.



Inclusive Communication

Help organizations understand language on one’s frame of reference to offer microintervention strategies, and to improve communication in internal dialogue and external interactions.

Advocacy And Allyship

Help organizations understand and proactively address the impact of Advocacy and Allyship. We work to remove the stigmas and teach putting into place practices that mitigate the impact of those terms.

Inclusive Leader Training

A leadership curriculum built from three courses that teach how to establish DEIB best practices as a leader and create a more inclusive environment for the teams they serve.

Case Study: Insight Global Helps Large Manufacturing Company With DEIB Training For 3,000+ Employees

The Client

Engineering and manufacturing are often primarily staffed with people who identify as white and male, and talent is tough to come by. Diverse talent is even more difficult to source.

Our client, Edwards Vacuum, wanted to address and expand opportunities to increase representation; they wanted to lead the industry, not follow it.

Goals of the DEIB Training

We entered the training with three primary objectives:

  1. Debunk any misconceptions and remove any stigma around DEIB
  2. Truly connect leaders among themselves, so they could help the company start its journey to true belonging in the workplace
  3. Have the HR team at Edwards feel empowered to implement this training moving forward

We used our proprietary training over six days to accomplish these goals.

Our Relationship

Insight Global has had a relationship with Edwards since 2021, placing more than 150 consultants with the company over that time.

An Insight Global account manager connected the Edwards team with our DEIB consulting experts and all teams were on the same page: Insight Global could offer the right DEIB training solutions to be both effective at addressing Edwards’ challenges and scalable across the company.

Unconscious Bias: A Visualization Test for Everyone

Each of us plays an essential role in creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and promotes equity. However, all of us are susceptible to unconscious bias—implicit attitudes and stereotypes that can influence decisions and interactions with others.

This visualization is designed to help you recognize and mitigate unconscious bias in the workplace and is perfect for managers and employees at all levels who are committed to creating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging workplace. Whether you are new to the topic of unconscious bias or looking to gain new insights, this experience will provide a valuable pause to step back for you and your team. And then continue the conversation together.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Insights


The purpose of DEIB training is to support participants in developing their cultural competency, empathy, and self-awareness. The goal is to help people feel more comfortable interacting with team members from diverse backgrounds and to support organizations in building a more inclusive environment.

DEIB training provides a better understanding of how systemic barriers and structural inequalities affect the employee experience of marginalized groups. The courses help uncover the root causes of inequality in companies while providing the skills required to form policies that foster a more equitable workplace

DEIB training can help individuals and organizations build awareness around their own biases and learn how to interact with people from diverse backgrounds in a respectful and empathetic way.

Additionally, DEIB training can help organizations become more attractive to top talent, better positioned to compete in a global marketplace, and more likely to comply with anti-discrimination laws.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the implementation of a DEIB program will vary depending on your organization’s specific needs and vision.

However, some tips on implementing a successful DEIB strategy include setting clear goals, involving senior leadership in the initiative, obtaining buy-in from employees, and creating mentorship programs.

Some common DEIB training topics include but are not limited to: microaggressions, implicit biases, workplace harassment, unconscious bias, allies and advocacy, cultural competence, intersectionality, and how to be an effective ally.

DEIB training and tools can be beneficial for individuals from all backgrounds and experiences. However, it is especially helpful for those who interact with people from diverse backgrounds on a regular basis, such as employees, managers, or senior leaders in customer-facing roles or those who work in a global organization.

For example, training resources may include learning how to work with a person with a different sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, political perspective, or religion.

Research shows that successful DEIB training can benefit an entire organization by enhancing workplace culture, creating an inclusive work environment, and boosting employee engagement, all while providing a competitive advantage.

Yes, we also help our clients optimize their recruiting and hiring practices to diversify their workforces with our DEIB talent solutions.

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