Case Study: Creating A Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Semiconductor Workforce with Edwards Vacuum

Our Client

Edwards Vacuum, founded in 1919, is a global engineering and manufacturing company that designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and services vacuum and abatement systems.

They support businesses in dozens of industries with pumps and abatement services of all sizes, shipping products to more than 100 countries. One of the industries they support is semiconductor manufacturing.

Semiconductor manufacturing plants—also known as a fab (for fabrication)—have various chemicals and gases processed through them. The fabs need a way to process a wide range of gases and chemicals, which are often toxic, condensable, and explosive, safely and consistently while remaining within the extreme range of pressures and temperatures.

Getting to the Core of the Problem & Relationship

The Problem

Engineering and manufacturing are often primarily staffed with people who identify as white and male, and talent is tough to come by. Diverse talent is even more difficult to source.

The Edwards team wanted to address and expand opportunities to increase representation; they wanted to lead the industry, not follow it.

Edwards employees knew they could take their journey within DEI and belonging to the next level.

“Fantastic training! I got a lot more out of it than I thought I would. I believe that’s the case for everybody. As managers and leaders, we need to make sure the blinders are off. We need to start focusing on the people, not just the business.” – Edwards executive

The Relationship

Insight Global has had a relationship with Edwards since 2021, placing more than 150 consultants with the company over that time.

An Insight Global account manager connected the Edwards team with our DEIB consulting experts and all teams were on the same page: Insight Global could offer the right DEI training solutions to be both effective at addressing Edwards’ challenges and scalable across the company.

“Belonging is something you can feel,” Bria Villasante, Insight Global’s DEIB Strategist, said. “And in that room, it got to a point where each person felt like they belonged, and they could talk and express themselves safely.”

Insight Global's Solutions

We entered the training with three primary objectives:

  1. Debunk any misconceptions and remove any stigma around DEI
  2. Truly connect leaders among themselves, so they could help the company start its journey to true belonging in the workplace
  3. Have the HR team at Edwards feel empowered to implement this training moving forward

We used our proprietary training over six days to accomplish these goals.

“I thought I was going to come in here and have Insight Global try to change my mind when in reality, they just opened my mind.” - Edwards employee

Results From Our Relationship with Edwards

Insight Global’s DEIB consulting team established a framework and provided materials for Edwards to lead trainings for all of their employees through the end of 2024.

  • 50+

    Edwards Employees Trained On-Site

  • 500+

    Employees Trained by End of 2023

  • 3,000+

    Employees Trained by End of 2024

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