Insight Global Named a Top Entry Level Employer by

With the many job openings available to job seekers far and wide, we’re looking at you, college grads! Insight Global was just named a Top Entry Level Employer by

The demand for college grads and entry-level employees to fulfill hiring needs has drastically increased and become a focus of talent acquisition teams across the country. At Insight Global, we pride ourselves on hiring people with entry-level experience because it presents us with the unique opportunity to train and develop, which is the foundation of our culture.

Our company purpose is to develop our people personally, professionally, and financially, so that they can be the light to the world around us. This purpose is top of mind for our talent acquisition team as they work to fill over 1,500 available entry-level roles in the company this year.

We’ve never been afraid of hiring people with entry-level experience because we are equipped with the tools and resources to ensure that every person, from sales roles to corporate operations to our CEO, finds success in their careers with us. We assure our people that if they have grit and determination, we’ll give them everything they need to thrive in their role and at our company.

We have established a world-class institution for training and development, Insight Global University (IGU), designed to educate our people through one-on-one mentorship, classroom and virtual trainings, group discussions, C-suite shadowing, and a learn-by-doing approach.

And additionally, through collaboration among our best and brightest leaders, we have developed a state-of-the-art program, The IG Way, which teaches every employee how we operate – from our culture to the fundamentals of our business to honing an individual craft.

Our educational institution and corresponding programs help empower our people, no matter their experience. Because of this, we are thrilled to receive this award as a reflection of our commitment to developing our employees.

We recruit from hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide through in-person and virtual events. If you’re interested in all that Insight Global has to offer, check out our In-House Team page to learn more about who we are, what we do, and apply to join our growing team.