Insight Global Announces Partnership with Ryan Hawk: Author, Leadership Advisor, and Podcast Host

Ryan Hawk

We like to do things our own way at Insight Global and it’s one of the many reasons that we have such a successful culture. It’s also why we place such a high value on getting an outside perspective.

With a passion for developing people as leaders, Ryan Hawk, author, podcast host, and leadership advisor, has interviewed and coached nearly 500 executives, founders, and leaders from the world’s top companies and brands.

Hawk’s podcast, The Learning Leader Show, has been listened to by millions of people and was chosen by Apple Podcasts as an “all-time best-seller” in 2020. Forbes called his show, “the most dynamic leadership podcast out there.” and Inc Magazine said, “It’s one of the five podcasts to make you a smarter leader.” And with our new partnership, he’s now opening a meaningful dialogue with Insight Global.

Ryan Hawk with Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni’s Ice Cream.

While we take pride in primarily promoting people from within at Insight Global, we want to be known for our ability to welcome diversity of thought. With care for our people as a fundamental characteristic of what makes us unique, it’s essential to invite wisdom and perspective into our circle so that we can start obsessing over and looking at our business through the lens of fresh eyes.

To be great, we know we must learn from those who are great. Our investment with Ryan is an investment in our people and our business.

To learn more about our partnership with Ryan Hawk, tune into the podcast The Learning Leader Show this Sunday, June 20th, starring our very own Bert Bean (Insight Global CEO) and Sam Kaufman (Insight Global Chief Revenue Officer).

You can also purchase Ryan Hawk’s book, Welcome to Management, wherever books are sold.