Creating a More Sustainable World, Together

Planet Earth First Poster

At Insight Global, we relentlessly pursue opportunity for others. That’s why when Senior Account Manager, Mazy Iwaki, started expressing her passion for making our company a more sustainable workplace, she was empowered to put action behind her dreams.

In honor of Earth Day this year, we’d like to recognize the important work Mazy and our Sustainability Council do to help our everyday actions have a positive impact on our environment.

Since 2019, Mazy has traded her sales meetings for sustainability research to reduce Insight Global’s environmental impacts and improve the impact of our operations.

“Growing up in Hawaii and living in southern California for the last 13 years, I’ve seen first-hand the drastic impact of non-sustainable practices at all levels,” Mazy said, who now works as a Senior Program Support Manager through Insight Global University to push her corporate sustainability practices. “The fact that there’s a Great Pacific Garbage patch between my two homes that’s twice the size of Texas is one of many examples.”

“It isn’t about ‘saving the planet’ – it’s about creating economies and systems that will enable generation after generation to enjoy clean water, air, biodiversity and equal opportunity for all.”

– Mazy Iwaki

Mazy (pictured below) is part of a team of over 70 Sustainability Ambassadors who push to maximize value to the communities they serve through sustainability initiatives and partnerships. Since the Council’s conception in 2019, several sustainability initiatives have been implemented, including:

  • Full analysis of Insight Global’s 50+ office buildings. 75% or more buildings are in LEED, Energy Star and/or otherwise Sustainably Certified Buildings.
  • Green Review with Insight Global office supply vendors: 50+ regularly purchased have been swapped for more eco-friendly options.
  • Going paperless! Insight Global is proud to have made improvements to our onboarding process and created electronic versions of frequently used documents to significantly reduce our printing and paper usage.
  • Completion of our first GHG Emissions Calculation and ESG reporting. With this measurement, the company can now look at more ways to improve impacts
  • Equipping all offices with proper recycling and EWASTE bins and services.
  • Creating a Sustainability Calendar to raise awareness and educate employees on ways to make positive impacts and organize service activity options.

Mazy Iwaki, pictured with her dog.
Mazy Iwaki, pictured with her dog.

In addition to implementing solutions for Insight Global’s in-house operations, the Sustainability Council also supports ongoing and future sustainable projects with some of Insight Global’s largest Managed Services clients.

“It’s exciting to be at the forefront of developing strategy and content on how all these initiatives can work together,” Mazy said.

As far as the future of the Sustainability Council, the sky is the limit when it comes to raising awareness, reducing environmental impacts, and educating our communities.

“I’m excited to make a bigger difference than I originally thought possible,” said Sustainability Ambassador, Hannah Huston.

“If I can influence just one person to participate in a new sustainable practice, that matters. Even the smallest impact is still important.”

– Hannah Huston

“Bigger than us” is the Sustainability Council’s Shared Value.

“Bigger than us” is the Sustainability Council’s Shared Value.