Download: Emergency Hiring Plan: Your Guide to Hiring Quickly

Today’s changing economy can lead to a lot of staffing uncertainty: Who’s pausing on hiring? Should you be bringing on new people when other companies aren’t? How quickly can you find candidates and make offers once you have approval?

Where do you even start?

Whether you just got approval to hire and you don’t know where to start, landed a huge new contract and need to staff up, or you want to be prepared for when a hiring freeze thaws out, we’ve got you covered!

After you review our Emergency Hiring Plan, you should be able to:

  • Get a strong job description and requisition together
  • Create a strategy for sourcing resumes and candidates
  • Prepare your social media channels (primarily LinkedIn) to be ready to recruit
  • Plan for interviewing candidates and extending a job offer
  • Develop a great onboarding strategy

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Who This Emergency Hiring Plan Is For

  • Managers Who Just Got Approval to Hire

  • Managers Who Want to Be Prepared When a Hiring Freeze Thaws

  • Anyone Who Wants to Get Prepared to Hire in A Pinch

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