10 Mass Hiring Strategies to Scale Your Workforce, Fast

The recruiting industry has seen several changes and developments over the years. The landscape of the traditional recruitment process continues evolving as company staffing needs grow and change.

But how can companies keep up with the ever-changing recruiting market? How can they avoid staffing shortages and maintain the operations of their company? For starters, they can begin mass hiring. Many organizations have evolved their recruitment process into mass recruiting and hiring initiatives that help them fill roles quickly and efficiently.

Keep reading to learn about mass hiring strategies you can experiment with today and why they may solve your company’s current staffing needs. Alternatively, you can skip the hard part and reach out to Insight Global today to get started on tackling your hirings needs!

What Is Mass Hiring?

Occasionally, a company may have to hire a high volume of new employees in a short amount of time. Doing so is referred to as mass hiring. Companies recruit a significant number of people to satisfy whatever company needs in a short period of time.

Some scenarios that may cause a company to bulk hire is if they’re:

  • Growing at an incredibly high rate
  • Requiring seasonal support
  • Experiencing a high churn rate
  • Opening a new department or expanding to a new location
  • Launching a new initiative with current clients and stakeholders

The strategies you implement can vary depending on specific company needs. But the key is speed and accuracy. So, how can companies adopt mass hiring strategies? How can they evolve their traditional recruitment cycle to model high-volume processes? What are the most significant differences between high-volume and traditional hiring processes?

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Mass Hiring vs. Traditional Hiring

In a nutshell, the most significant difference between mass and traditional hiring is time. Standard recruitment processes focus on filling only a few vacancies at a time, whereas mass hiring strategies add many more employees to the team.

Traditional recruiting takes a lot of time, money, and resources. Recruiters and hiring managers use this time to find the perfect candidate. But believe it or not, mass hiring can find qualified candidates when its process is streamlined and optimized to the best of its capability.

Benefits of Using Mass Hiring Strategies

Quick and efficient hiring is not the only reason you’d consider mass recruiting and hiring strategies. Here are three benefits to consider.

1. Enhanced Recruitment Process

The first significant benefit to hiring in mass is that it enhances your recruiting process and reduces the time it takes to fill vacancies within your company.

2. Cost Reductions

In addition to reducing the timeframe of traditional recruiting, bulk hiring can help your company save money and resources that would typically fund the standard recruitment process.

3. Increased Company Brand

Lastly, mass hiring can increase your company’s brand awareness. An improved, quick, and efficient recruitment process creates a positive candidate experience, helping improve your company’s reputation.

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Top Mass Hiring Strategies You Can Try Today

Consider these 10 strategies if you’re looking to hire a high volume of candidates for your company’s staffing needs today.

1. Create a Plan for Your Mass Hiring Initiatives

Before you begin bulk hiring, you must assess company needs, clearly define your goals, and create a plan. Doing so will help you ensure an efficient hiring process.

2. Utilize Social Media

Social media can effectively advertise job postings, build company brand awareness, expand your job market network, and attract new talent.

3. Expand Sourcing and Upgrade your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Sourcing can help you find qualified candidates when you’re looking to mass hire. Expanding your sourcing initiatives and upgrading your ATS can help you attract and track candidates more efficiently.

4. Using Recruitment Technology Tools

Automating your recruitment process may require you to utilize new recruiting tools. Utilizing the right tools can take your mass hiring process to the next level.

5. Develop a More Efficient Screening Process

Initial screenings typically take place after sourcing candidates. Technology can help you do this. Gathering data about your candidates and using AI to analyze results can help you screen quicker, faster, and more efficiently.

6. Optimize Your Interview Process

Screenings help you sift out qualified candidates. Once identified, they can begin the interview process. That may include conducting video interviews, using scheduling tools, and pre-determining how many rounds of interviews.

7. Offer Flexible Work Options

Another great way to attract candidates in bulk is to offer flexible work options, such as flexible hours, remote and hybrid capabilities, or compressed work weeks.

8. Maintain Open Lines of Communication with Candidates

Lines of communication must remain wide open when hiring a high volume of candidates. These lines can stay open by following up, automating communication with personalized messages, and never leaving candidates hanging.

9. Automate Your Onboarding Process

Along with automating your screens and communications, automating your onboarding process is a highly effective strategy for improving mass hiring. Automating the onboarding process can assign tasks, generate notifications, and quickly help candidates get set up for their new roles.

10. Ask New Hires for Referrals

Despite the ever-evolving world of technology, nothing beats word-of-mouth networking. Consider asking new hires for referrals to continue filling up vacancies and employment gaps within your company today.

Partnering with Staffing Agencies to Mass Hire

Another way to start mass hiring for your company is by working with a staffing agency like Insight Global! Staffing agencies serve as liaisons between your company and job seekers. You can gain access to more databases with a wider range of diverse applicants. These applicants have the skills and experience essential to filling the employment vacancies within your company.

Contact Insight Global to learn more or start mass hiring for your company’s staffing needs today.

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