Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

We help you build an unbiased, supportive, and accepting culture through education, perspective, and implementation of diverse practices.

Apply Proven DEIB Initiatives That Separate You from the Pack

DEIB initiatives—when done right—work. That’s a known fact.

The challenge is that many businesses today try to implement DEIB programs, but their strategies don’t produce culturally diverse workforces, equitable programs, inclusive environments or a sense of belonging because they’re not given the attention or resources they need to be successful. Or, as we’ve seen more recently, companies are neglecting equitable and inclusive initiatives and only focusing on diversity.

Creating a diverse workforce isn’t enough—it’s the company culture that influences whether employees stay and succeed.

That’s where we come in. We partner with you to design and implement proven programs that foster a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and belonging culture within your organization that results in high engagement and high growth. We’ll work with you to create a plan that’s tailored to your business and help you see it through start to finish.


Our Services

Our services include specialized curriculum and in-depth training & reporting to guide you on your diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging journey.

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    Training Solutions

    Attract the talent you want to attract, lay the foundation for the workplace you want to support, and learn strategies that lead to talent retention.

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    Talent Solutions

    Diversify your workforce, earn a quality candidate pool, and receive clear direction and reporting on your recruiting strategies.

What Makes Us Different

Our outlook on diversity, equity, and inclusion differs from other DEIB consulting firms because we prioritize relationships and meaningful impact over everything else.

We believe that in order for DEIB to work in the workplace, there must be a focus on relationships first. Our programs are designed with this philosophy in mind and we take a hands-on approach with you to ensure that the programs we design produce the results you desire.

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    You get a complete, holistic approach to your DEIB efforts that focus on driving real change in all three areas.

  • Proven

    We’re confident in our ability to produce results because we’ve seen it happen for all our clients, no matter where they are in their DEIB journey.

  • Personalized

    Your company is unique, so your DEIB efforts should be too. We partner with you to create a plan that’s tailored to your business and needs.

Workshop Series: DEIB in the Workplace

Did you know that Fortune 500 companies spent $8 billion on DEIB training programs in 2021 alone? Or that a recent study from Michigan State University found that 80% of African American women felt they needed to change their hairstyle to fit in at work?

Check out our exclusive video series DEIB in the Workplace to get a better understanding of what’s happening now in diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging—and how doing it right can positively impact your company.

graphic of a latino man shaking hands at job interview with text Experts Korryn Williamson & Keri Clarke-Pearson cover diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging plus micro-aggressions in the workplace


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Why Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging are Imperative for Business Success

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    Companies with more diverse executive teams are 33% more likely to outperform competitors

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    7 out of 10 job applicants consider diversity essential when evaluating a prospective employer

  • 48

    The most gender-diverse companies outperform the least diverse companies by 48%

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    The most ethnic and culturally diverse companies outperform less diverse competitors by 36%

Diversity Wins

“The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability”
– McKinsey | “Diversity Wins” report

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Insights

Featured Stories


  • Korryn Williamson

    Director of DEIB

    Committed to creating positive change for the future of America’s workforce, Korryn focuses her work on creating new opportunities for job seekers to change the way companies select, interview, and hire for positions.

    Since moving into this role in February 2021, Korryn has implemented several DEIB initiatives with the help of a team of three individuals and 20 ambassadors across the country. She plays a key role in the company’s Pathfinders program, which is leadership development training for the company’s black leadership consultants. She has also spearheaded the company’s DEIB consulting arm, which officially launched in 2022.

  • Bria Villasante

    DEIB Strategist

    As the DEIB Strategist, Bria specializes in building Talent and Training Solutions for our clients to support their organizations.

    Bria has experience managing a 400+ consultant program, with more than half of those consultants representing marginalized groups (specifically serving a bilingual population). She has worked with clients to emphasize the importance of DEIB in the workplace and has gone on to deliver solutions to clients who are growing in this field.

    Bria is proud of her Latin roots, pushes boundaries with her tattoos, and is even neurodivergent as she is colorblind.

  • Keri Clarke-Pearson

    DEIB Training Specialist

    Keri is the DEIB Training Specialist for Insight Global. Currently, Keri specializes in building external DEIB Talent & Training solutions across Insight Global’s footprint.

    Over the course of her career, she has served in a range of management and front-line positions in the field of DEIB talent recruitment, DEIB training, organizational development, and event management for national and international corporations. She has also served as an independent consultant in the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging space.

  • Tyler Horne

    DEIB Recruiting Strategist

    As our DEIB Recruiting Strategist, Tyler specializes in developing inclusive hiring strategies and managing inclusive hiring for Insight Global clients. He is passionate about both creating access to opportunities for candidates from historically marginalized communities and creating successful teams.

    Tyler has five years’ experience in staffing and has hired 500+ candidates in his time here. He currently leads a team of 14 recruiters focused on creating custom, inclusive hiring strategies. He is also a dedicated father and proud of his African American heritage.

  • Britney Wambold

    DEIB Strategist

    Britney is a highly successful 7-year Insight Global account manager, specializing in a variety of client servicing and management roles. Britney has a background in social justice and assists with a family-owned nonprofit focused on providing employment opportunities for adults with developmental challenges.

    At Insight Global, she is an active Women’s Leadership Council and Jewish Community Network member. Britney has a passion for learning about clients, understanding pain points, and providing solutions.


A DEIB consulting firm is a company that specializes in helping organizations create and implement programs that foster a diverse workforce, inclusive organization, equitable future and an environment where everyone feels like they belong.

A diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging consultant works with organizations to create programs and initiatives that help them become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable and foster feelings of belonging. This can include anything from helping a company develop a recruiting strategy that attracts a more diverse pool of candidates to providing training on how to create an inclusive environment.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the decision of when to hire a DEIB consultant depends on the specific needs of your organization. However, if you’re interested in creating or improving diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging programs within your company, then hiring a consultant can be a helpful first step.

Some questions you may want to ask a DEIB consultant include:

  • What experience do you have with creating or implementing DEIB programs?
  • What particular areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are you knowledgeable about?
  • How would you approach creating a program for my organization?
  • What challenges do you think we might face when implementing DEIB programs?
  •  How do you think our organization can become more inclusive?
  •  What resources do you recommend we use to learn more about DEIB?

There are a few key factors you should keep in mind when evaluating a DEIB consultant, such as:

Experience: What kind of experience does the consultant have with developing and implementing DEIB programs? Are they familiar with the specific challenges your organization faces?

Expertise: What particular areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is the consultant knowledgeable about? Do they have experience with the types of programs you’re interested in creating?

Approach: How does the consultant propose to go about developing a program for your organization? Is their approach tailored to your company’s needs?

Resources: Does the consultant have access to the resources and tools necessary to help your organization create a successful DEIB program?

Cost: What is the consultant’s fee structure? Is it affordable for your organization?

Communication: Does the consultant communicate effectively and provide clear answers to your questions?

Reputation: What do other companies say about the consultant? Do they have a good reputation in the industry?

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