What is a “Titan” Anyway?

Titan Logo

It’s no secret that employees who feel like they’re a vital part of the company are likely to find more meaning at work and stay at their jobs longer. While most companies have some kind of employee recognition program in place, not all of them are equally effective. The most successful ones tend to be tied to the company’s values and culture. These programs are not just about recognizing an employee who has done well — they create a deeper purpose and sense of belonging.

Insight Global is doing just that. In Q3 of 2019, Insight Global CEO Bert Bean announced a new companywide recognition program called Titan. Unlike the company’s other incentive programs based on performance and tenure with the company, Titan rewards Insight Global’s internal employees who best embody Insight Global’s Shared Values (Everyone Matters, We Take Care of Each Other, Leadership is Here to Serve, High Character and Hard Work Above All Else, and Always Know Where You Stand), regardless of tenure, title, or department.

Each year, a five-person committee is selected to review every Titan nomination submitted by employees and ultimately choose 50 people who will be named Titans that year. How exactly does one become a Titan? According to Titan Selection Committee member Yanna Karvounis, Titans are usually not the ones trying to be rewarded. Rather, their actions and their character inspires others such that they are an obvious candidate to nominate.

“I will remember the moment that I found out I was a Titan forever,” said Courtney Palmer, who also was named a Titan Selection Committee member for 2021.

“I am still so honored because this wasn’t something I earned for myself through production; rather, something awarded to me by people that felt compelled to nominate me.”

At the end of the year, all 50 Titans plus the Titan Selection Committee will enjoy a week-long vacation in paradise, covered by Insight Global. This year’s venue is the Ritz Carlton in Maui.

“This [program] is only going to continue to grow and inspire the future of our company to be better and more devoted than ever to what we stand for as an organization,” Yanna Karvounis said when asked about the future of Titan. Courtney Palmer then concluded, “Many companies have mission statements or values but if we aren’t held to living them out then they’re just words or catch phrases. Titan is a reminder that regardless of title, tenure, or accomplishments, embodying our Shared Values deserves high recognition.”

Are we crazy to have a shared values contest trip? Yeah probably, but our shared values are that important to who we are.