Insight Global’s New Healthcare Division Aids in Covid-19 Mission

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Born out of a desire to help in the fight against Covid-19, Insight Global Health (IGH) was created to support hospital and healthcare-focused clients across the United States and Canada. While uncharted territory, our people were empowered to pursue new types of opportunities for others, expand our services to healthcare institutions who needed support in an unprecedented time, and work together to be the light to the world around us.

“Being able to support front-line leaders working in such challenging environments has been nothing short of an amazing and humbling experience,”

said Managing Director of National Accounts, Josh Seider.

Currently, IGH is aiding in Covid-19 relief efforts, supporting over 400 hospitals nationally, and staffing clients for nurses and allied health resources. As of January 1, 2021, IGH entered the world of clinical staffing, employing over 200 allied and nursing professionals within the first month.

“We are finding the right talent in the right places in high volumes, all in record timing,” said Seider. “I am so impressed and honored to be part of an organization and team who care so much about the well-being of others.”

Additionally, IGH is more involved than ever providing talent to the Pharma/Bio Tech sector (specifically within R&D and Manufacturing), servicing State Governments and Federal Health to support vaccine distribution and Covid patient relief, and supporting pharmacies with retail as they roll out support to local communities. This new division allows us to continue our pursuit of empowering people and relentlessly pursuing opportunities for others across a broad range of industries.