Titan Selection Committee Member Spotlight: Justin Rabon, Lead Recruiter, Chicago

Every year, Insight Global recognizes 50 “Titans” within the company—those who embody our Shared Values best. Titans are high character, natural born leaders who leave a positive impact on the world around them, regardless of their job title, tenure, or performance. These Titans are nominated by their peers, and go through a selection process by a special committee who governs the Titan program for a full calendar year.

In honor of naming our final Titans of 2023, we sat down with Titan Selection Committee Member Justin Rabon, to learn more about what this special program means.

Q: In your own words, what makes someone a Titan? How do their values impact the world around them?

To be a Titan is to be fearless, not scared to take charge, and a leader by nature. A Titan holds the bar high, and then continues to set the bar. Not because they want praise, or need validation, but because it is an innate characteristic of them as a person. Everyone around a Titan feels empowered and inspired because that is just who they are.

Q: What has been your experience serving on the Titan Selection Committee?

I had no idea what to expect when I was selected to serve on the committee. It was overwhelming at first when we were figuring out processes and how we were going to run/operate everything. BUT, by the end, I’ve for one grown close with my committee members, and secondly got to read so many beautiful stories about the amazing people at Insight Global. It’s been a very fulfilling and rewarding experience.

Q: How does it feel to present someone with a Titan Award? Do you have any favorite stories from this year?

Oh my goodness, presenting the Titan award to someone is one of the BEST feelings ever! To see the look of pride and emotion is so amazing. My favorite award was giving the award to Chastity Oleson back in March of this year in person live to the whole company. She had no clue; we had her entire team fly in and it was just so special.

Q: How would you describe this year’s Titans?

This years Titan’s are simply put, ELITE! I feel like more and more each year, the company has more examples of what a Titan is. The nominations this year were thoughtful, intentional, and really showcased the best of the best we have here at Insight Global. I think this is truly due to the fact that there are more Titans company-wide amongst us.

Q: As a Titan alumni yourself, what makes being a Titan so special?

I think the most special thing about being a Titan to me is that this award has nothing to do with your work performance. We have so many awards, accolades, and goals each year regarding our metrics, performance, spread, etc.. But this award truly is about the person you are. To know that your peers and friends think so highly of you to nominate you for a true character award is an UNBEATABLE feeling. Thank you to everyone who nominated me years ago, and thank you to Insight Global for investing in something as special as this.