Insight Global Named a Best Workplace for Parents in 2021 by Great Place to Work™

Best Workplaces for Parents 2021

It’s not surprising that the COVID-19 pandemic reshaped the workplace and working landscape for parents. Working parents are some of the most adaptable, resilient and hardworking employees out there for a number of reasons.

The pandemic meant that working parents were all of the sudden burdened with working at home, taking care of their children during working hours, dealing with daycare closures, and learning to be schoolteachers all at the same time. Work-life balance got a whole new meaning within days of global work-from-home protocols.

Here at Insight Global, we are proud and humbled by all of our accomplishments and awards because it is a reflection of the way our people see their own growth, opportunity and fulfillment. But after the past (almost) two years, we are especially proud to announce that we have been named one of Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces for Parents.™

Beyond the incredible adaptability and resilience that our working parents have shown throughout the pandemic, Insight Global has worked cross-organizationally to develop and implement policies and programs to support our working parents from the top down. To prioritize your people, you must have leaders who are receptive to the needs of their people.

Insight Global aims to create a culture that supports working parents from all walks of life: adoptive, foster, biological and LGBTQ+, because new parents and parents navigating a growing family all have needs and require a breadth of support.

Insight Global has created an exceptional Parental Leave Program that focuses on every parent in the company and starts with making them feel special. From sending a personalized congratulatory call, to cohort groups based on due date, and special gifts to welcome them back, every parent feels equipped for the next chapter of their lives.

To expand further, the Parental Leave Program consists of over 20 ambassadors that help provide mentorship, lead cohort groups and host fun events like virtual prenatal yoga for moms-to-be. The program also includes a Parental Leave Leadership Training for managers to encourage them to create transition plans with soon-to-be parents.

Other benefits that Insight Global provides are free short-term counseling, discounted life coaching and free headspace memberships to all employees.

“This award makes me proud to know that we have partnered with our parents and leadership to create a seamless transition for each employee before, during and after parental leave,” Director of Benefits & Wellness Christie Nuce said.

In partnership with the human resources department, the Insight Global Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) has also been a huge advocate for creating a work environment that supports and advances new and experienced parents in the company.

The partnership has been notably successful in improving compensation during parental leave and providing enhanced benefits for infertility support.

President Jessica Calzaretta is a mother to three young children and has had the benefit of experiencing the new parental leave program. “I am so grateful to have a community and family at IG that invested in me during the incredibly rewarding and transformative experience of bringing a child into the world,” said Calzaretta.

“The demands at home are always evolving, and the support and flexibility I’ve received has allowed me to bring my whole self to work and at home,” a sentiment that much of the world is longing to feel nowadays.

The thoughtful development of IG’s parental leave program, relevant resources and support forums are proof that we believe in the practice of taking care of one another through every phase of life.

“We believe all our parents can achieve a new version of 100% at home and at work, and our policies support that idea,” Calzaretta said.