See Insight Global Lead the Contingent Staffing Conversation at ProcureCon 2024  

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Insight Global will attend ProcureCon Contingent Staffing, the highly anticipated conference for professionals in the contingent workforce sourcing industry April 3-5, 2024 in Los Angeles. Among the impressive attendee list, experts and innovators will discuss how they’re shaping the future of the industry with perspectives on today’s dynamic job market.  

Celebrating 20 years, ProcureCon Contingent Staffing 2024 promises to offer attendees actionable strategies and insights from top staffing professionals, plus unparalleled networking within the community of 200+ sourcing leaders.  

The agenda includes more than 50 industry experts across multiple programs.  

Insight Global at ProcureCon

Sam Kaufman, Chief Revenue Officer for Insight Global, will lead a key partner presentation on the topic Recognizing Value with Talent Based Services. The talk will cover shifts in labor dynamics, globalization of the workforce, inflation, and the changing needs in talent that are holding customers back from achieving business results. Even if they have the technology strategy and the roadmaps in place, companies are not able to successfully execute due to gaps in talent.  

“We need to humanize—instead of commoditize—the consultant experience. Human centered contingent labor programs will increase retention and decrease turnover, improve backout issues, and accelerate productivity of consultants. By bringing more value to our contingent labor programs, and additionally building custom and managed talent services, we’re able to successfully support our shared customers as we enter the future of the digital workforce,” explains Kaufman.  

“The solution lies beyond just ‘staffing.’ Building elite teams with high productivity, engagement, and retention requires expert guidance in culture and performance that can take that expertise and build talent services that are custom.” 

Key Takeaways:  

  • Providing more impact and value to the business by improving the consultant experience. 
  • The unique, creative possibilities of building tailor-made talent pipelines. 
  • What more to expect from staffing partners in the future of talent roadmaps. 

Kaufman began his career at Insight Global in 2004 as a Recruiter in Washington, D.C., and has seen the industry evolve and change over the last 20 years. He brings that wealth of experience and knowledge to the session on Thursday, April 4.  

Driving Business Success with Consultant Engagement

Leaders and experts from Insight Global will also lead an advanced workshop at ProcureCon on April 4. Following the partner presentation, the Insight Global team will also be leading an interactive advanced workshop on the topic of Talent Services in Practice: Exploration of Real Customer Case Studies from Problem Statement to Transformative Impact

This interactive session offers an in-depth look into success stories of how tailored talent services and improved consultant experience can further achieve business goals.  

Whether it’s pioneering innovative ways of training and developing international nurses to build bespoke talent pipelines, transforming onboarding and performance review processes for successful consultant engagement to increase retention of engineers, or upskilling sales and marketing teams for higher knowledge and impact—it takes more than just finding the right people. Instead, when done correctly, there is an opportunity to optimize the impact of contingent labor partnerships. 

Key Takeaways 

  • How staffing partners can foster talent productivity beyond placement.  
  • Examples of enhancing value and impact through managed and custom talent services.  
  • Strategies for increasing retention through engagement and process improvement. 
  • Optimizing onboarding process, driving insights, and elevating performance through reporting capabilities. 

Insight Global will also host a sponsored excursion to the Grammy Museum on April 4. We look forward to seeing everyone at these ProcureCon Contingent Staffing events and more. 

About Insight Global

With more than 20 years in the staffing industry and more than 1,700 full-time recruiters, Insight Global placed more than 50,000 people in jobs in 2022. As an international staffing and services company specializing in sourcing IT, healthcare, finance, and engineering professionals, we have more than 70 office locations throughout the U.S., Canada, and U.K. This presence powers Insight Global’s ability to recruit and hire talent in 150 countries worldwide. 

About Evergreen 

Evergreen, Insight Global’s professional services division, delivers world-class technical and talent services to clients around the globe to power innovation and transformation. Evergreen unlocks both the expert vision and the talent to execute strategy for clients across a variety of industries, plus advanced consulting services on DEIB and workplace culture and performance.  

ProcureCon Contingent Staffing brings together leading organizations and top minds in staffing, contingent workforce sourcing, and procurement to see how the future of staffing will be created.