“What Gives You Purpose?” with Insight Global CEO Bert Bean

Insight Global CEO Bert Bean wrote a guest column for business magazine Fast Company detailing IG’s “purpose” and the need for a company to define its why.

The column, titled “Good business starts with purpose,” uses author Simon Sinek’s movement of “start with the why” as its backbone to dive into the idea that employees won’t truly buy into a product unless they know why it’s being sold.

“I’m convinced that if you get purpose right, the business will move forward,” Bean wrote. “If a company gets lost in what it’s selling, rather than why it’s selling it, then it loses its soul, and its people follow.”


Insight Global’s Purpose

The Insight Global purpose, as defined on our website, is as follows:

“Our purpose is to develop our people personally, professionally, and financially; so they can be the light to the world around them.

We believe that if we can develop our people to become the best versions of themselves, then they will turn around and take care of our customers, our consultants, and our candidates in ways that far exceed any expectations.”

Bert did not come to the realization of IG’s purpose on his own. It stemmed from realizing the company’s culture was “broken” five years ago. IG accepted high turnover as “our thing,” in Bert’s words, and it took looking inward to the company to realize the solution came from within.

“We had done a poor job of being intentional about our values and our purpose,” Bert said in the column. “Once we got locked into our values and our purpose, we made hardwiring them into the company our only business priority.”

Know Your Purpose, Too

Ultimately, being a leader within a company comes down to understanding both the company’s purpose and your own.

“It’s important to understand what gives you purpose,” Bert says, noting his purpose as encouraging others. Bert reaches out to at least five people in the company every day, he writes, and you should work to discover and recognize what your purpose in the workplace is.

“Be genuine,” he says. “You’re going to love the results.”

Read the full column on Fast Company‘s website. If you want to join Insight Global’s team and be part of our purpose, discover how you can join IG’s in-house team.